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Guys! C'me on!!!! In mid 2015 I told You it was pilot suicide and mass murder!

And then: since 2014 I request not to allow pilots to enter cockpits any longer.

The passengers of MH270 would still be alive if there were no pilots in the cockpit!

Situation sum-up: There are hardly places that are safer than aeroplanes. The level of safety in aviation is superhuman. But still aeroplanes fall out of the sky, killing people. Aviation can perform another QUANTUM-leap in SAFETY by IMMEDIATELY BANNING pilots from cockpits.

Since automatically conducted, computer-controlled flights take the HUMAN ERROR and human EVIL (suicide-pilots) out. Many planes are READY to do automated flights. Many procedures are already automated.

Many airline-experts, airline-CEO's, executives already follow my understanding. The reason why this does not happen is that no passenger except me would board a plane without pilots on board.

So what will they do? They are already making many completely automated flights in military aviation. Then they will establish the technology on cargo-flights.

And then they may show pilots entering the cockpit to the passengers. But these "pilots" will not be allowed to touch anything in the cockpit.

WHEN will that happen? Nobody knows. Maybe within ten years? Then YOU should rember that You read this. Here.

I am being confirmed on July 23 2016 by the so-called "experts".

NOW: WHAT is this BS about??????

WHO are these so-called "experts"? Today I am being told in the news that they analyzed the computer of the pilot. They had the computer 1 week after the situation. I can analyze a flight simulator in 3 hours. It took these "experts" 2 years to find out the PIC, the "pilot in command" got thru the situation in his Flight Sim? PLUS none of these so-called "experts" paid attention to the fact that this weirdo diverted over Penang? NOBODY gives it only ONE consideration WHY the flaperon that was found in Reunion was pretty INTACT?

Now this is SO STRANGE! Look: About one week after the disappearance of the plane under circumstances unseen before they already had his computer. For a pilot who is familiar with Flight Simulator software it might take 3 hours to find out whether he simulated that in his computer. If the files are deleted it might take longer.

ANY computer-expert should be able to restore the deleted data in: let's say: one week. It took these guys TWO years to find the data they are now confirming?

:)   Pretty? :)

Cockpit Boeing 777-200ER

June 2015: My estimate in regard of the "aviation mystery(?)" MH 370: pilot suicide

I came to the conclusion mid 2015.

Immediately known facts:

a) After takeoff from Kuala Lumpur all position reporting devices on board the plane were switched off.

b) While above South China Sea the cockpit stopped radio-communication, the plane altered course. No emergency message, transponder not set to "hijack", but switched off.

d) The plane headed for Penang in Malaysia, then changed heading into the South Pacific Ocean.

e) There was no claim of a terrorist organisation saying they did it.

f) Given the amount of fuel in the long range - tanks of a Boeing 777-200ER You have the radius of reach of the plane. This plus the heading-info indicates to the search area that I already marked in google earth on 17 March 2014.

g) All the family-members of both pilots turn to the cameras explaining again and again how nice these guys were, how reliable, how serious. This usually happens every time when a crime happens.

FACT is with a HIGH probability: somebody is LYING! If a pilot has mental problems he can hardly hide it. There are always indications, there are always people who know. Like in the case of the german pilot: several doctors knew, but they did not tell.

h) A plane that flies into the sea high speed / falls out of the sky disintegrates COMPLETELY into MILLIONS of parts, plus passenger parts / luggage. These CANNOT be hidden. Suitcases SWIM on the surface, life-vests do as well as hats and shoes. They MUST show up!

Later known facts:

a) There was hardly much debris found of the plane until now. This indicates a low speed impact - like a controlled landing, a regular touchdown - procedure.

b) The most important part was found in July 2015 on the beach of Reunion Island. A complete flaperon in good condition. Usually a complete flaperon CANNOT be found after a high-speed-impact. How can a complete flaperon can get off an aeroplane and be hardly damaged, not destroyed? If it is extended during a low-speed-touchdown = a controlled landing on the water with FLAPS EXTENDED the way it is always done when landing a plane.

c) The pilot in command (PIC) was from Penang. He lived in Penang with his family.

I will give You my analysis and my reasons here, later!


Additional consideration on July 28, 2016:

IF this was really a suicide of the pilot in command, NOT the co-pilot (even though we can imagine that the co-pilot was in full acceptance of the suicide-mission if he was not blocked outside the cockpit) it does not make sense to go thru the flight in a Flight Simulator. Because no pilot needs to do that, be it then: for sentimental, romantic reasons.

Because any, even a privat pilot can fly a plane from the South China Sea over Penang into the South Pacific without preparation. So why did the man do that? He did it because his plan turned him on, it kicked him: he already lived thru it at his computer.

Or he just wanted to know where the plane would run out of fuel including the last drops in the tanks that are usually unused and untouchable for safety-reasons?

Then he made a STUPID mistake: since he did not wish to have his mission discovered / understood he deleted the simulated flight, the evidence. Good idea, bad idea: since about EVERY a little bit more experienced computer user knows that You cannot just delete the files by emptying the trash bin on Your desktop: the data is still there. It can be restored.

If You leave the computer behind You MUST know they will go thru it and analyze. Then they will find it. This is what just happened.

THEN: If this was suicide and he wanted it to be undetected as such, he was smart enough to see TWO options: High speed crash, or controlled "regular" landing procedure. This is what he did!

Since he KNEW it was easy to find the plane when there were 2 Million parts either sinking to the ground or floating on the surface. So it was OPTION TWO he chose: Low speed landing with a touchdown speed of less than 120 knots, less than 120 nm/h. You can do that, and this is what he DID.

This meaning: the plane sinks into the ocean with minimal damage = minimal floating debris = minimal evidence found. There we are at the Reunion-flaperon that is CERTAIN to come from MH 370. He HAD to EXTEND the flaps COMPLETELY. Otherwise he could not achieve the smallest descend-rate, the SLOWEST impact. But that meant the risk that a FULLY EXTENDED FLAP could come off. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED. And then You find an almost intact flaperon, with only small deformation where it hit the seawater! - on a beach: because it floats like a boat!

THEN: If these ideas are right the search area must be farther north then I guessed in the first week with very little hard information of unreliable sources (press / media). Since he might have used more fuel then I could calculate when diverting over Penang. Then it was said the plane had some altitude changes over Malaysia: consuming more fuel.

THEN: If the pilot wished to camouflage his suicide-mission he might not have gone south straight until the end, but changed course / heading sooner or later, more to east or west to better hide the location of the impact.

This assumption does better explain why the plane that is EASIER to be found when it is on the sea-bed INTACT is not found until now. Because it MUST be further north, and more to the east or west.

IF these ideas are close to what happened the Captain should have chosen the optimum long rang cruising speed for the 777-200ER which is Mach .83 = 485 - 491 knots or nm/h. Then the wind-speeds must be considered: MET should know them for that day and different altitudes.

The consequence of this: Where should they search now? My first guess today would be: farther north of course. And then I would check where the deepest areas in the South Pacific are.


MH370 Boeing 777-200ER ID 9M-MRO and serial number 28420 vanished 8 Match 2014

I was already pretty close in my first evaluation right away: 3 days after the incident I put a mark in google earth pointing to my idea of the crash location. Well, this is where they are searching until now.

While China insisted for 10 days the plane went down in the South China Sea: this was CLEARLY nonsense. But they fooled the world. Everybody watched their ridiculous search there,

The most precious time was lost for ever! Since the batteries of the plane's black box only last for a few days. They lost their best chance to find the plane already then.

China made itself a fool again, later, when they said they found the ping of the black box in the designated search area. Again China was WRONG.

Airline Captain Simon Hardy says pretty much the same: same area of crash, suicide. Suicide-theory is HIS idea. Sounds plausible to me. I will explain here why.

22 Dec 2014 Analysis Captain Simon Hardy on splash point MH 370

3March 2014 Analysis Captain Simon Hardy MH 370 suicide theory

:)   Pretty? :)

In the upper right corner You see south west Australia. Picture date is December 2015. Do not let this confuse You. I set the YELLOW mark about 3 days after the plane disappeared. But I did not save the picture, then.


(Pygmalion, GBS)

wikipedia: MH 370



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