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Is the first REAL worldwide global mass-hystery in the history of humanity, of mankind cnn-made? cnn = C hicks' N ews N etwork?

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If You subscribe to a SERIOUS newspaper You can request SERIOUS, HONEST (investigative) journalism. Everything other than WYSIWIG (What You see is what You get) is BETRAYAL. You can expect reporting of FACTS and TRUTH that is as fair as possible, to EVERYBODY.

C hick's N ews N etwork is a Trojan Horse!

They PRETEND to serve You GOOD information You can trust. But they don't!

What they serve is: heartwarming stories. With violins, crying. Best soap opera-style. Animals. "Cecil the lion". Because they are not looking for truth: they are looking for clicks, for attention, for emotions. Animals, babies, trafficked prostitutes constitute that!

Just to explain it in a way YOU get the message: In my understanding they sell the WORST HARDCORE hookers, the most ridden rubber pussies in the universe as victims of (pensioneer-sugar-daddy-)sex-tourism. So they do it. They feed emotions. Accompanied by sweet violine-sounds that touch my heart.They do NOT report.

Do YOU buy that?

While reporting, being INFORMED is what we want whenever we switch to a "news-staion". We don't get that. Not "WYSIWIG". What we get is "switch-to-bitch".

They promise to be "the newsstation that You can trust". But You CANNOT trust them.

They pretend to be trustworthy. But they do not play with open hands. They do NOT tell You they are FEMINIST and DEMOCRATS and politically correct CHRISTIANS. They fool You, manipulate You.

Right now they try AGAIN to stab Trump in the back. They try to connect him with David Ernest Duke, who is an American white nationalist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, far-right politician, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Trump has NOTHING to do with the guy. cnn does not care. Look at it! Watch it! Watch their LIES!!!!

Right NOW cnn is airing that all day long. Message: "Trump denies to disavow Kux Klux Klan" For many hours already Trump says in his tweet: "I DO disavow...." (KKK). cnn knows that. cnn LIES! Trump says: I disavowed already days ago."

And aaaagaaaaain: Now they give plenty of airtimes discussing with lots of people how they can "stop Trump!" I mean: NOBODY in cnn addresses the question in regard of Hillary R.C. Even though she is DEEPER in MANY MORE , even CRIMINAL scandals.

And cnn tells the world in a long feature: "Canadian island offers refuge if Trump wins". Is this only mean and unfair? Is this only ridiculous? I see cnn damaging good trustworthy journalism not only every day, but by the minute.

Latest enlightenment of cnn's: "republican establishment appalled, terrified" that their best candidate could win. lol: "They cannot stop Trump's momentum." cnn at it's best!

March 2016: cnn asks: "What can be done to prevent Donald Trump from winning the MAJORITY?"

First question: What is cnn's business? Reporting, informing us? Or stop Trump from winning?

And: With ALL means? Read above!

The answer is: Yes. With ALL, even unfair means they want to stop Donald Trump.

Until now it is the business of the voter to decide. It is not cnn's business. cnn declares PUBLICLY they are trying to influence, to manipulate the voter. They say they are the "news-station You can trust"? A joke! A VERY BAD JOKE!

What a pity that the american voter does not seem to gulp down what cnn serves.

cnn repeats all day long: "Trump is under pressure and in the defence (on this subject)!" I say: He is NOT - cnn is in the defence! But NOBODY except me puts pressure on cnn.

Let me put it this way, just to put things into context, and in a reasonable relation: For several months now cnn is telling me EVERY day for several hours what a bad boy and crazy, lieing weirdo Donald Trump is.

And what a great girl the woman for women Hillary Clinon is.

For MANY weeks I did not hear ONE SINGLE WORD in cnn about the ongoing TERRIBLE crimes, regarding child-abuse, cover-ups, or the dirty businesses, the money-laundering in the Vatican Bank. Nothing!

And YOU think this is appropriate? This is the news-channel You trust?

So Donald is the devil who must be attacked with all means? And Franciscus, whom the elected President of the Philippines called the "son of a whore" is the "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhholy father" for Christiane and her simple minded pussies?

At least fox' remarkable Judge Jeanine Pirro fights child-abuse!

I accuse cnn for the breech of the essential basic code of appropriate proper journalism and for the breech of simple rules of human decent and honest behaviour.

Same game again: cnn wishes to connect Trump to fascist Mussolini. The story is: Some lefty smartass wanted to fool Trump. So they sent him qotes of Mussolini. One quote was: "Better live 1 day like a lion than 100 years like a sheep." sth like that. I like that, Trump liked that, too. And he (re-)tweeted it. (Let's suppose: one of his staff did that, maybe? Maybe Trump did not even see that? Because Trump does a hell of a lot campaigning?) Now cnn, they are pointing fingers at him all day long: Look, Trump's fascist, he sympathizes with the fascist dictator Mussolini.

And AGAIN! They made this "I Love" - feature about Trump. You can do that with me, with EVERY politician, especially with Hillary, too! But they do it with Trump. Do You consider this fair, honest, serious journalism?

That's the way they work. That's what these guys at cnn think makes them better. But this is SMUT. Throwing MUD.

If I wear a red tie, if Donald Trump wears a red baseball-cap: Does this make us communists, Marxists? Certainly not. If we say sth that was also said before by one of the countless (fascist) dictators and mass-murderers in history does this make us fascist, does this make us sympathizers of mass-murderers? If an asshole says he supports me does this make ME an asshole? CERTAINLY NOT! But this is what cnn says.

Is this only stupid? Or is it the deliberate action of mean cowards, of heel-biters, of assassins who abuse words to stab reputation?

Do we buy this BS from the "newsstation we trust" as serious, honest journalism?

And AGAIN: Another manipulation! They call it "GOP meltdown over Trump's success". They NEVER say "Grand Old Party". They always say "GOP". And now they interview Rep. Sen. Sasse, f.e. He says: "I'll never vote for Trump". So they ask him elaborately and at length for his reasons. Until now I did not see only ONE interview with only ONE democratic senator who is desperate about the COUNTLESS SEVERE Clinton-scandals.

THIS is how cnn bends TRUTH, how they BEND REALITY, how they manipulate YOU!!!


In this case Fox News acts slightly different. They ask: "Why is Trump bully?" And they do NOT show a senator who criticizes Hillary openly. They present a democratic senator who says it the other way round. She says: "Usually I should keep my mouth shut in the media about my voting. But now I have to step forward because my conscience drives me to tell You that I do support Bernie Sanders."

So the uncoded message in clear text is: "Under NO circumstances can I support Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is against my conscience. So I can only support Sanders."?

So cnn is NOT a newsstation I can trust. This is low level cheap partisanship. They lick the feet of the awful: Be it Hillary Clinton, be it the vatican which is DEEP in child abuse, money laundering, plus cover-up's, plus anything. To them, EVERY woman is a victim, a hero, an expert. This is NOT the reality I see in this world. This is NOT the truth! This is OFF reason.

I am afraid I must concede that media-mogul Ted Turner and his ambitious anchormen made cnn (this means: Cable News Network! Since this is wrong, since this is no more a cable system for a long time they better change it to: "Chicks' News Network") THE No. 1 global satellite news network.

Today this has become a WORLDWIDE DESASTER. A mess. Why?

We do not only have 1 issue with cnn, we have S E V E R A L! This means we have to MANY issues!

What do You, what do we expect from a news network we can trust, we trust?

What we want is the best information we can get. Facts, truth. Not: filtering of the news to the likes of the news company. But this is not what we get in cnn. And this is not what we get in Fox News. These girls are driven by their message, NOT by a serious understanding of their job, of the codex of honour of their profession. They intend to not only tranfer their message, they want to HAMMER it into our defenseless heads.

But: Hardly any rule without exception: There is indeed fox news' remarkable, extraordinary "Judge Jeanine Pirro": Is she really the only woman in world-wide media who's got brains?

:)   Address me! You're welcome    :)

THANK YOU, Jeanine!!!! For: backbone, brains and balls, for HONESTY and for TRUTH!

This woman is NOT shrill, she is NOT shrieky, her voice is NOT high pitched.That makes the difference, too.

Look at her, LISTEN TO HER!

Jeanine Pirro is NOT part of the "media's bitch branch" I am so worried about with the best reason.

Judge Jeanine Pirro from "fox news" in facebook

Turner's chicks aim is to manipulate our thinking the way they think is right. The problem would be only half as bad if they were right. But they are NOT right, they are TERRIBLY wrong. Their messages are as simple as they are silly. Chick's looks, chick's language, chick's thinking does not make journalism, it produces chick's stuff.

I WILL explain! And I will let Christiane Amanpour see this so she can sue me in court.

Ted Turner PRETENDS to keep us INFORMED. But what he does is try to heal our souls. His way!

And, believe me!, I am not an enemy of botox and silicone-enhancements! That's a great thing for many women, and for all in cnn: wouldn't want to see them without :) ;)

But, then:

cnn is NOT on the solid ground of a serious, honest news network. Since then it is their obligation, their task, their duty to REPORT. REPORT, NOT JUDGE!!!

Reality is: cnn is judging 24/7: They tell us what is good, what is bad. They tell us what we ought to think. This is NOT a news channel: this is a manipulating propaganda-network. We L O V E to be informed properly, the rules of truth and integrity followed. We H A T E to be fooled, we hate being told what we have to think and to believe. We hate to be lied at.

We HATE to be told which judgements, which opinions we have to accept. PLUS all their silly beliefs. We hate those who only let us see the excerpt of reality they like, while they embezzle the other side.

Especially if what they want us to believe is an accumulation of silly political correctness, of stupid empty "We are all good humans, we care for each other, we fight extinction of species, we save the animals, the climate, the world, the universe" mainstream cheap platitudes, and ALL the other cheap common places they permanently repeat and reproduce .

Is a woman meant to be a man?????

(Pygmalion, GBS)

America is unable to produce only ONE single woman that can meet the standards of, let's say: Henry Kissinger, f. e (who is german!). This man is smart, he is intelligent, he has knowledge, he is wise. He is a THINKER! This is the reason why he is still - even though he is out of office for decades! - a welcome and desired guest all over the world, in highest circles. All over the world the doors are open for him. Why did Amerika not make him President? Instead of third-class-folks like Johnson, Nixon, Obama. I have no idea.

I am probably not sharing many of his opinions. But I always respect him. His words should always be taken into considreation. I can see not only one reason why I should take the abstruse feminism in cnn serious.

But this is not the point here. The point is that there is NO woman in America that only could come close to that MAN!

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:)   Pretty?:)   Pretty?

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I call that "switch-to-bitch".

Please do not forgive me that tasteless and not at all funny, insensible, sexist joke with the falsified ad "Nose presented by ww.anychickcanbesmartsuperchick.com" (slogan: "Boost Your boobs, it boosts Your brain!"). I cannot apologize for this seriously severe act of discrimination, this lack of basic manners and taste: because I mean it.

You can find out very easy whether I am right, even if You do not watch the screen. Just be aware when You switch the station, to cnn, or to FOX News. The moment You switch You hear a female voice, most probably. And it will be high pitched. Not the warm female sexy sound of Your navigation system. Not at all. They are shrieky, they squeak. Like bitches squeak.

I think Ted Turner will not be able to explain why ALL his anchor-chicks have to be shrill. The moment these high pitched voices cut, bite into my poor ears I associate razor-blades and saw-bands.

Why does nobody teach these woman folk how to talk? WHERE is Prof. Higgins? They modify their noses, but they do not care for their language, their speech, their voices? They WORK with their voices, tssssss! Their first assumption in their job is to display their artificial noses and fake boobs. (Essentially I am NOT against silicone boobs. Quite often they have advantages nobody can deny.)

Fox News' Megyn Kelly, too (is this the one Donald Trump denies to talk to? I guess he's right.): razorblade-voice, talking with machine-gun-speed, hammering our ears. This voice is a risk to Your health.

If one of my girls talks to me like this the IRON rule is: "Cool it, Ma'am, lower Your voice, please. Calm down. WHAT is Your MESSAGE, please?"

So: You switch to bitch? You let a woman, women like these explain the world to You? Tell You what it is all about? What is wrong, what is right? Let them MAKE Your understanding? Let them determine Your knowledge? Downgrade You to their own more than limited intellectual and educational, to their moral and ethical standards? Ok. Go ahead! I DO NOT DO THAT!

Instead of hard facts, knowledge, and good information hormone-dizzy menstruation-lyrics.

A streamlined accumulation of politically correct cheap commonplace platitudes. 24 hours. NO brains, ZERO, no knowledge, just empty blabla, ALL the emotions.


Their language is: "dangerous", "desperate", "threatened", "extinction", "oh, now, is THAT cute!", "cutealicious", "cuteful" ( = "cute" + "beautyful"), " sooo sweet", and so on, and so on.

Their language is political correctness. 100%. They do not have a genuine own opinion. Just DUMB!

I will give You an example of "political correct chicken speech": "Nobody should be so poor to have to sell his kidneys." Sounds right, sounds smart, doesn't it?

But it is NOT! The reality I see here in Manila is: Everybody in the ghettos (Tondo!), every sqatter, every beggar, every thief thinks he is smart and clever. But he can never get out of poverty because he is poor and he has no chance. He is absolutely sure that the moment he has money to invest in business he can make a GREAT living for himself, and for his family, and he will later and soon be a very rich, very smart guy. Instead of a very poor, very hungry very smart guy.

So he sells a kidney. Many do that, in Manila. For sth about 700 US$. I don't know. Then they have sth about 35.000 philippine pesos. Until then they lived from 2000 pesos a month. Or more. Doesn't matter. Doesn't make a difference.

Six weeks later the money's gone, and the clever businessmen do not know where. I know. They give to their families and friends. A little bit, not to much. They buy phones. They buy alcohol, they gamble. Because since they are smart they know, that it is just easy to go into the casino, to bet, and to make a fortune - if You only have money to invest.

So: he is as poor, as hungry, as smart as before. The money is gone. And the kidney is gone, too. On the other hand: the kidney is not hungry any more. The kidney has a better life. Now.

This is why to me, it sounds chick's language. This is the feminism in cnn (german ntv), in Fox news, and last not least in BBC (world), nowadays. Right?

It's even worth: Even though these guys are not really clever they are smarter than those (cnn-) media-chicks. Whenever one of these shows up the "victims" tell the chicks what the chicks want to find out. The Tondo-favela-ghetto-guys as well as the hardcore-hookers in the bars who are smarter than the investigating ladies of cnn: Because they tell the reporters what the reporters so desperately want to hear. Sometimes the journalists even pay them. MONEY!

So the "victims" talk, they tell cnn what cnn wants to find out. That makes the chicks VERY HAPPY! Because now they finally found evidence and proof for their "truth": About poverty, about kidneys, about prostitution. Human trafficking. The chicks NEVER investigate catholic child abuse. (It takes MEN to do that! Because they care about dirty sex, "female rights" (but only in civilisation. They don't often care for the abuse of Islam.), "sex tourism", prostitution, eating animals, everything.

All the simple platitudes.

Your choice, now. Conradi versus cnn. Which views do You like better? Which are nicer? Which touch Your heart? Which touch Your brain?


If Madam Amanpour should ever read this she will first blame me to be sexist, blame me of blasphemy. And then she will sue me in court. But even if she wins with a female judge or one that thinks female this will NEVER change my opinion. And if I should be forced to change my writing here I will change it so she will hate it even more. I will NEVER rest my case! Because all this must be said. As loud as possible. Let them sue me! Let them give me a great forum. I'll appreciate that!

You are now welcome to blame and insult ME!

But do NOT do that if You do NOT understand that I dearly LOVE women. Many. And the smarter, the more intelligent they are the MORE I love and respect them. I cannot respect any of Ted's Turner's dumb chicks. That's VERY disappointing!

What a lucky coincidence that cnn still has Richard Quest. He IS an extraordinary journalist despite his misunderstanding of jackets. Then they have the talented Frederick Pleitgen, the son of an infamous lefty german red socialist public-tv boss. Why don't they have only ONE clever woman, at least? I am the one who desires this MOST!

You remember how they mourned for two weeks the death of "Cecil the one and only and best lion in the universe"? And then thanks to cnn the public manhunt was opened for the preservationists, the animal rights warriors to kill the foolish dentist who killed the bloody lion to save the lifes of countless zebras and giraffes Cecil would have killed otherwise?

And of course the "climate-deal", that "millions were praying for" (hardly anything MORE stupid than that!) is of "historic dimension" "an achievement for mankind". Every move the pope makes is a "historic move", is a "first time in the history of the world" for cnn. That's why it takes Christiane Amanpour 10 seconds to exhale the "h" in "holy father": Watch it! Well. Well. Well.

Seeing Amanpour is knowing she is on her knees.................. licking the floor if only somebody says "pope".

Doesn't she know that the history of earth is an irregular unsteady change from iceages to warm periods. Happened many times. This is a natural phenomenon, and it is determined by the interactions of sun, moon, and earth. Global warming happens ALL the time. We need it! This is what made the earth as good as it is now. The earth is very well taking care of itself. Since 4 billion = 4000000000 = 4^9 years. No matter what man did or does.

Man has no idea how to make rain. If we need rain we still have to call the medicine-man, the rain-whisperer and ask him to perform a rain-dance for us! Are we crazy? Are we stupid? Are we weirdos? Are we cavemen?

And now these cavewomen of cnn tell us these fools with their climate-change conferences, Obama and of course Ted Cruz included, are doing a great job and they will reduce climate change by TWO degrees if we only obey them? They CANNOT make rain. Nobody can. But they CAN change the CLIMATE? In MY understanding CLIMATE is some million times BIGGER than rain, right? So: Does that REALLY make sense to YOU? Or is this SILLY? Crazy? Weird? Sick? Are they gone TOTALLY berserk?

Is cnn the leading force in making our times the era of the NERDS?

Please DO notice: even 10 Billion fools do NOT and CANNOT form only ONE smart brain. And these TEN Billion fools call me a stupid idiot if they read what I say: Believe me: I AM in trouble. And I am lucky my site had only 18067 visitors until today. (Not so bad for a private homepage, I guess) Not 10 billion. And not all of them think I am an idiot, maybe? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

:)   Pretty? YES!  :)

wikipedia: Mt. Pinatubo eruption 1991

You need a BIG volcano-eruption to trigger this: When Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines exploded in 1991, second biggest eruption of the century, the dust in the atmosphere blocked the sunlight in Europe and reduced the temperatures. This led to a decrease in northern hemisphere average temperatures of 0.5–0.6 °C (0.9–1.1 °F) and a global fall of about 0.4 °C (0.7 °F).Can Obama control a volcano like that? I am afraid he cannot. The chicks in cnn believe he can do sth like this. And they tell us we must believe that too. Because they believe this makes us good human beings, this makes us save the planet. WHAT is this NONSENSE about?????

:)   Pretty? :)

You see Subic Bay? I regularly go there (and to Angeles, to Clark)! It's part of world history, a US Navy base. You see Clark US Air Force Base, You see Angeles City (take the word: this is the city of angels because of all the girls there who are very affordable. Angeles is one of the top international Sex Bases.)

And now ALL these climate-saving-IDIOTS and the cnn-chicks agree and want US to obey and believe they are 4 times as strong as the Pinatubo-eruption and they CAN indeed reduce global warming by TWO degrees! Is this ABSURD?

And, by the way: I just came back from Hong Kong last week. I enjoyed the moderate temperatures around 18 degrees celsius. No aircon needed. 2 days after I left they had snow in Hong Kong! I could have skied there. It was the coldest winter in Hong Kong since 60 years. Is THIS the global warming???

:)   Pretty? :)

What they tell us is: "Everybody knows that!" Well, cannot be true. Since I do NOT know that. I know that this is NOT right. They tell us: "The experts tell us about the dangers of climate-change." And this is untrue, wrong, and a lie too. Indeed many experts think this way. And these are the only experts the chicks know and quote. But then there are the more serious experts who think differently. Like I do. cnn does neither quote nor interview these. Because cnn does not like this discussion, and cnn does not understand this discussion!

:)   Pretty? :)

Eruption Pinatubo/Philippines volcano 1991

Eruption Popocatepetl/Mexico volcano March 2016

Eruption Mt. St. Helens volcano 1991

My volcanos: Mt. Pinatubo is 65 miles northwest of my house, Mt. Mariveles (silent for900 years, until the next earthquake?) 33 miles west, Tagaytay/Taal Lake 32 miles south.Mt.Mayon, is an active stratovolcano in the Philippine province of Albay is 200 miles south. I've been at Mt.St.Helens/ one year after the explosion. I've not been at Kilauea, one of the world's most active volcanoes, and Mauna Loa,on Hawaii.

Eruptions Mt. Mayon/Philippines

TOP TEN Eruptions ever

Is Ted Turner the brain-dead marionet of the vatican??? Not only that: he manipulates Your thinking 24 hours a day the way HE likes it!

Every media-info the vatican produces is IMMEDIATELY reproduced by cnn 1:1. At least. If the chicks do not emphasize, exaggerate, oversize it.

Take notice: If these geriatric bunnies, who were already senile when they turned 25 want an opinion they ask a female "expert". Or a guy who is hardly smarter than a teddy-bear - of course they LOVE weak men (Amanpour: "For generations this man, this legend has been the voice and the face of the planet." Is this CRAZY? I mean REASON tells us: NO man, and ESPECIALLY NO woman in the history of mankind is "the voice and the face of the planet". Right? So HOW can Amanpour pour such a nonsense in our ears? But she does. She tries to pour glue into our brains. Her very own glue.)!

Especially aborigines from the australian outback or the Marshall Islands, and for sure bards, rock-stars and actors are welcome in cnn as climate-experts, as prophets telling us we are killing the world, ourselves and our children.

How can cnn celebrate the "earth-shattering" victories of Hillary Clinton?

There are already SEVERAL VIOLATIONS of a serious understanding of an appropriate codex of honour of proper journalism, of SERIOUS REPORTING in this single aspect. This is NOT serious reporting!

They take position in the camp of the Clintons. They clearly show that they hate Trump. So they try (in vain!) to make Hillary Clinton look as good and Trump as bad as they can. They try to ridicule Trump whenever they can. They do not do that with Hillary R.C. And of course they even promoted and praised Hillary's wuff-wuff-show. "Look! Now is THAT funny! Ha Ha Ha" Halleluja!

Don't they care that EVERYBODY can EASILY see Hillary R.C. is lieing ALL THE TIME?

About the "Clinton Foundation", her corrupt money affairs. The wallstreet-payments. That Haitian-connection. To organised crime, even? Some say that. Can it be true? Is it true? I don't know. But what I KNOW for SURE is already MORE than enough.

Stephan Richter, editor, "The Globalist": "It is as if the Clintons, despite 25 years in a harsh national spotlight, never learned the key lesson from the fall of Richard Nixon, the 37th U.S. President: the cover-up is always worse than the crime."

Stephan Richter, editor, "The Globalist": "It is this ill-conceived and politically inept strategy that the presidential campaign team surrounding Hillary Clinton is now running in 2016. The "crime" in question? Her lucrative speeches to Goldman Sachs."

About the Benghazi-Killings after she denied her ambassador the appropriate protection of the embassy that he asked for and saw him being KILLED, and 3 other americans.

About the email-affair. Hillary R.C. should be in jail for this TWICE: once for the stupid action itself, and then for the THOUSANDS of LIES for the cover-up. PLUS a third time for openly falsifieing mails in order to MISLEAD the investigators. The investigative work of the FBI already shows this CLEARLY and BEYOND any REASONABLE doubt.

Splendid idea to put her into power and make her the boss of her investigators.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a proven DANGER that already turned into actual deaths, a PROVEN SERIOUS RISK to VITAL american security interests! But she is the WOMAN cnn promotes! UNBELIEVABLE!

So, Christiane, now WHAT??? Does Your simple mind only work THIS way: She's a woman so she's good. Trump is not, so he's not. DESPITE ALL the EVIDENCE?

Believe me: I really try to find a BETTER, MORE reasonable, MORE knowledgable approach to Mrs. Amanpour's behaviour. I would L O V E to see that! But I can hardly find any indication, only the slightest hint that her philosophy, her ethics are smarter than this.

PLEASE, Christiane, I beg You: Prove ME wrong!!!!!!

Do You think You can try to understand THIS, Mrs. Amanpour?

You are dead if a pilot makes only ONE small mistake out of a list of sensitive ones (of course there are mistakes he can make that are NOT deadly): "Turn left!" versus "Turn right!". Wrong amount of fuel (liters instead of gallons). Or a mistake in takeoff-, touchdown- distance (feet instead of meters! We already had that, Christiane, right?).

Then You are mad at him, You blame him, You sue the airline. And You are RIGHT to do so: Because You are DEAD.

In Your job, it should be essentially the same: The more mistakes You make the worse is Your performance. And everybody who has the brains can see it.

So it's ok for You to get confused between left and right? To mix up meters and feet? To make wrong evaluations of the criminal actions of Hillary, or the vatican, or the pope? Blame You, Christiane!

Look at the way men do their job, Christiane! Real men. Like Kissinger. Or Lauda. And Prof. Higgins! Especially Prof. Higgins! Only then You can improve. Yourself. The cnn-chicks.

This is only ONE of the differences between You and Niki Lauda (Formula 1-driver, world champion, pilot, Owner and executive manager of an Airline): After EVERY performance (i.e. flight, f.e.) he does a de-briefing. With his Co-pilot, in the plane. They sum up the mistakes they made. Without regard who's the boss, without regard whether they like this coming up: the ONE and ONLY matter that counts is: What's wrong, what's right! Never heard of sth like this, Christiane: Try to catch the idea!

Lauda is a brilliant example: He lost a Boeing 787-300 in Burma in 1997. Boeing immediately knew and accused: pilot - error. He took on Boeing (By the way: Mr. Boeing was born in my hometown in Germany, the house is still there.) He went to the crash-site, and he investigated himself, on site. Could You have done this? He said: "If a mistake of my pilots caused the accident I get out of business, I shut down, I do not run the airline any more. He won. It was Boenig's fault!

The engines switched to reverse-thrust. In flight. Reverse-thrust is applied after touch down to slow down the plane, together with flaps and brakes, to taxi-speed. The thrust that is usually used to push the plane forwards is directed in the opposite direction, with flaps. These flaps were found extended on the crash-site. Can You follow me, understand me?

You may ask "Captain Slow" James May. Or Richard Quest: these men understand that.

What You have to see is that the most efficient way to bring a plane down out of the skies is to slow it down this way. This is what happened.

We have another basic problem, here: If Boeing had won with the LIES instead of Lauda more planes would have been lost, more passengers would be dead: because the cause was Boeing's fault, wrong construction. They changed that in the meantime. It should usually not be possible for a jet-engine to go into reverse-thrust unintentionally while in flight.

This is an essential thing in criminal investigations (close to investigative journalism!): You take the wrong guy for murder You are in problems. Not only because the wrong guy is being roasted on the electric chair, irreversible. But the real killer can carry on killing.

And Trump who does not have only 5 % of Hillary Clinton's dirt at his shoes, who is until now NOT involved in any scandal that only comes close to Hillary's, is the guy they fight, the guy they lie about.

Even IF Trump really employed knowingly illegal polish workers to build a tower for him this is RIDICULOUS. It is NOTHING compared only to Hillary's mail affair, her cover-up, her falsifications.

C hick's N ews N etwork wishes to make us believe he is a racist. He is not. He is not a sexist. And he does NOT ridicule disabled people for their disabilities (I am severely disabled myself!). We can clearly see and understand that. Them, too! But they try lo LIE to us, to manipulate the truth.

I do NOT let them get away with that!

So they fight actively for one candidate, and against others. Is this what we can accept? I do NOT think this is acceptable at all. This is NOT JOURNALISM, this is PARTISANSHIP!

So the name is already a lie: they are NOT a news network that can be scaled to proper standards of SERIOUS JOURNALISM: this is a Public Adress Feminist Propaganda machine gun. Terrible. This is reporting out of the gutter, politics of the street. That's why they LOVE to interview the small people in the streets! But only the ones with opinions they like. And women, mostly, OF COURSE!

Really, my friendly readers: If I were working HERE down to their LOW standards I would not want to see my face in the mirror in the morning: I would be EMBARRASSED of myself.

To me the point seems to be: Whatever they think they think they are GREAT. They are on a MISSION of the good. To save the animals, the world, the universe, everything. For the pope who's feet they lick incessantly. Whatever. Their LACK of UNDERSTANDING does exclude a critical check of themselves every now and then. They do not lie BASICALLY because they are absolutely convinced they are the good people. The lieing only starts later. When they knowingly start to fool us with their low level views of reality.

Instead of licking the vatican's feet they'd better start what Ted Turner (a LIAR, too?) pretends to pay them for: serious reporting, HONEST journalism. I cannot notice at all that Christiane Amanpour with her phantastic ethics spends only ONE minute to continue the GREAT WORK of the "Boston Globe". Instead of engaging in investigative journalism and ask questions she buries it - and licks feet instead. This is DISGUSTING.

My message to Amanpour: I BLAME You, Christiane!

Now You can take the first step: Ask Yourself whether this is all nonsense what I say.

And then You can tell Ted Turner that sth is wrong, and that You are now going to start doing Your job, and that You are begging for his mercy - since I am not so sure he will like the idea even if You should!

I think both of You are already far to deep in it.

My second message to Amanpour: I BLAME You, Christiane!

Are You crazy, Madame? Don't You know that Germany took 500.000 syrian refugees? But of course any stupid bitch in the universe can call it "divine intervention" if "Your" pope takes THREE families out of the refugee-camp?

If not: I do not expect excellency from You. But what I do expect is proper simple honest handicraft. Ask questions in Boston! Where are the 500 guys who abused little kids? Are they in jail? Talk to the victims. to the lawyers. To the makers of "SPOTLIGHT" - they WILL have the Oscar! As long as You do not do that I feel free to call a bitch a bitch! Do the same in the Philippines. You've been here. In MY Hotel, for APEC. They told me. You did not ask what happend to the priests who are GUILTY: Their bishops said so! Are they fine?

- Several days later, 29 Feb 2016: "SPOTLIGHT" got the OSCAR!!! Today, one of the MOST IMPORTANT movies of our times, the !!! TRUE STORY, the DOCUMENTATION !!! "SPOTLIGHT" got the OSCAR! As I anticipated. Hollywood at it's BEST!!!!

We dearly DO LOVE the TRUTH, don't we! -

And TODAY cnn follows ME, and APPROVES, in regard of "SPOTLIGHT". Quote: "More reporting has to be done!" THIS is PRECISELY what I ASK THEM to do, eventually!!!!!!!

"Spotlight" is the documentation of the investigation of the "Boston Globe"-newspaper into the catholic churches' century old worldwide tradition of child abuse and the Vatican's cover-up. All the priests iNvolved, the bishops, the cardinals, the popes who are paying BILLIONS of DOLLARS, the money the faithful give to them, should and MUST be JAILED for the rest of their lives!

So You BETTER move Your BUM, Christiane! As I told You! and: N O W !

So WHAT THE HELL did You do here? Have a nice time? Keep the essentials under the carpet on which You are kneeling to lick the feet of the hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhholy's that You protect, too, despite their crimes, despite their evil? Obama: "Christians (Your NAME is CHRISTIANe, Madame!!!!) have done TERRIBLE things!" - YES! They HAVE DONE TERRIBLE things. In the name of religion.

And they carry on. Undisturbed. Because people like You rest the case! Bury it! You protect them from justice!

Now let's look what You do.

Today, cnn is run by greedy ambitious vain pavonine peacock "anchor"women: the moment You switch to (same with Fox News!) cnn You see an overaged smartass botox-enhanced-bitch who underwent not only nose-surgery telling You what You have to think and believe. 24/7, around the clock, they are banging our heads incessantly all the time, telling us we destroy the world we have to preserve for our kids. All the nonsense, all that crap.

And it is not only cnn. It is Fox news, too. BBC world is a bit better, but not much. I saw one of those little girls feature a program for tech fans. She said: "The pendulum moves the watch." Oh my god. And they put that on air! Nobody noticed. Nobody understood. Nobody edited that, nobody cut it out.

And just to show You that I am fair: I do not HATE women. Not the way the feminists hate men. Because they think men are inherently sexist. Which is just another one out of their wide spectrum of neurosis. And they are violent. And pretenders. While women are nice, honest, peaceful victims.

No! I LOVE women. The more intelligent, the smarter, the more reasonable, the more knowing, the more stylish, the more sexy, the more beautiful they are the more I love them. IF they have serious EXPERTISE I LOVE them! What I HATE is silly people. Be them roosters or stupid CHICKS!

That's why I LOVE VICKI BUTLER HENDERSON: make her the anchorwoman of cnn, and I am fine. If she does not change because of the lousy atmosphere, the climate, the BAD AIR in cnn.

Vicki Butler Henderson hp

Why do I LOVE Vicki? a) She is smart, b) she is honest, c) she is serious. d) She is funny e) She enjoys, f) she is POSITIVE. g) She is straight. h) She is NOT a feminist. i) She does NOT need a fake nose to boost her brain. j) She is NOT a pretender. k) She does NOT stab people in the back. l) She is NOT a heel-biter. m) She is NOT a liar. n) Most of all: She is GENUINE! And Vicki KNOWS her Prof. Higgins, of course: She has a sexy voice, NOT shrill, NOT shrieky, NOT bitchy, NOT hammering our reason. Her language IS GOOD OXFORD ENGLISH. Charming! See her, and You know immediately what I am talking about. And then look at the cnn-chicks. Uuuuuaaaaaaarrrrrrggghs! WHAT a difference a head makes!

I respect Mrs. Amanpour for her dealing with the nomination of the film documentation "Spotlight":

She said: "Vatican COVER UP" This is what it IS! THIS is the TRUTH! She said: "Journalists knew about this for decades, and they buried it!" This is what it IS! THIS is the TRUTH!

But this is NOT the complete truth. Complete truth is: The SYSTEM is involved in the cover-up: the church, media, politics, the law. Worldwide. For HUNDREDS of years!

cnn is INVOLVED. Mrs. Amanpour: INVOLVED! Mrs.Amanpour lost her face, too. Including her genuine nose.

"Mother" Teresa got the Nobelprize? Her beatification is pushed by pope Francis? This is a bad joke! The Nobel-prize-committee is a joke! Not in physics. Not in astronomy. Not in science. I do not complain.

These awful peace-prize-guys. Yassir Arafat! Willy Brandt. And the literature folks. Because of the German author Gunter Grass. Nobel prize in 1999: I never understood this. Years later - and only AFTER it was discovered! - he admitted: "I was a NAZI-Hitler-boy." But, of course, only because he had to, and because he needed the money. OF COURSE he NEVER believed in National Socialism.

It is an ABSOLUTE MUST for EVERYBODY to KNOW about ALL that!!!!!

So it is a MUST for You to see the BEST documentation, one of the most important films of the last decades, the REMARKABLE "SPOTLIGHT". Nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe. It, NO!: THEY should have BOTH!!!! They already have several international awards. And even more public attention. Film is coming to German cinemas on Feb 25 2016. Of course I have already seen it. Of course I know PRECISELY what I am talking about. As usual!

In ENGLISH: wikipedia about "SPOTLIGHT"

In DEUTSCH: wikipedia ueber "SPOTLIGHT"

Now ! YOU ! read AND understand me! (This is an ORDER!) You understand now what it means when pope Francis - or ANY other pope been or about to come! - says "We pray for the victims!"?

Already in the trailer You can see the REALITY! Hardcore lawyers say: "Do You think Your paper has the resources to take that on?" Meaning: If You lose this You stop existing. The church will destroy You. - Then "Obviously the church will fight us VERY HARD!" - It's the whole country. It's the WHOLE WORLD!"


Those who read und understand me can already anticipate the reaction of the vatican:

"No comment!" on one hand. "We appreciate the good work that has been done by the "Boston Globe" that has helped us, the church significantly in our eternal fight against sin and in our restless work against the devil." Third: Nothing will change. Case filed, case archived, case forgotten, case dead. The action goes on UNCHANGED! "But the "OSCAR" goes to "SPOTLIGHT"!"

Business as usual (I hate to repeat that, but I have to!). The church doctrine, the dogma is: We are all sinners. We confess. We pray to god. We pray for the victims." But we do NOT cooperate with the investigation. Be it media, or be it even police, be it courts. We only SAY we cooperate. But we DO NOT!

As Saddam Hussein's mass-murder Chemicalkiller Ali (Donald Trump: "Everybody knows there are no chemical weapons in Iraq!" - NOT sorry for that, Donald!) said: "Fuck the international comunity!" He killed 6000. AT LEAST.

vatican says: we offer ALL cooperation.

We say "We pray for the victims of child-abuse." But then we go home, and call a callboy, or we fuck a little child. Because pre-teens make us HORNY. We LOVE that.

Sounds kind of disillusioning, doesn't it? Sounds like just another loss of innnocence? The kind of "innocence" that made their "god" jesus famous? The one with the fake gravelinnen in Torino? Virgin's innocent impregnation?

vatican's REAL and true message to the WORLD is: Fuck You! We fuck You. We fuck the truth. We fuck Your kids. And if we do not do that those who do are our friends. We protect our friends.

Aren't THEY the DEVILS???"

I wrote long ago: Don't You see that no pope until now took care of the victims. The policy is: "I am terrified. I pray for You. And now: "Go away. Fuck off." This is the way they do it worldwide for HUNDREDS of years. That's still the way it is, in 2016. And it will be in the future.

THIS is what they do, what they've always done, what they always will do: Minimize the fuss. Silence. Do not feed the troll! If You have to: You admit, You confess Your sins. Publicly. One sentence. That's it. Then You carry on.

Philippine bishops: HUNDREDS of priest abuse children. - "abuse" sound nicer than "FUCK, doesn't it?

"According to the president of the Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Orlando Quevedo in 2002, about 200 of the country's 7,000 priests may have committed "sexual misconduct" - including child abuse, homosexuality and affairs - over the past two decades. "

Is this a LIE, again?

To me, this sounds RIDICULOUS!!! 200 clergymen in child abuse PLUS homosexuality PLUS affairs? This is CLEARLY a LIE. As usual. They NEVER say the truth.

In Boston 6% of the clergy abused children. Known cases. At least! If this refers to the Phils there are 420 priests involved. PLUS "dark" figures. (What is "dark" if the official figure is already a dark figure?) Boston: 7200 catholic priests. 6% equals 432 who are involved. I think in Bosten they even found 480. Philippines: 7000 priests.

Worldwide official figures say, that 100% of all priests do preach celibacy, but 50%, half of them, do not live it. So they LIE, they FOOL You. Following this not only about 200 are involved in daily "sexual misconduct" in the Philippines, but 3500 have sinful extramarital (gay) affairs while they tell You to obey god and the churches. Plus an estimated 420 of the guys having sex with little kids. This makes already 3920 priests out of 7000 who are involved. NOT 200. Does REALLY NOT sound "200", does it?

So the philippine media who ALL lick the feet of the holy devils better look for 420 cases. PLUS gays. PLUS affairs.

Now: IF each of these rapists of kids abuses ONLY 40 kids in - let's say: - 40 years, making ONLY ONE abused kid per year (ridiculous, too?) we have 17000 victims per generation. But: about ALL known, documented cases show not only one child per year, but lots of!

PLUS: Did Archbishop Orlando Quevedo and his brothers turn up in the meantime to tell the public how many of these criminals are in jail NOW? And if not: WHERE are they???

I cannot see that only ONE of the "smart" philippine investigative journalists is telling us!

TENS of THOUSANDS of cases? TENS of THOUSANDS of witnesses? No convictions, ZERO, still in 2016? Nobody jailed? Did the church provide any information, knowledge, evidence, files, data they have to justice? Did the cleric hand over only ONE criminal priest to justice?

I don't think they did.

So we have to ask the question: WHO is/was the bishop? Oh, not only a simple bishop, but ARCHbishop. Does he not know what is going on in his house? Then he should not be bishop! Or is he LIER, too, is he fooling us?

So THIS is what YOU have to ask Yourself: Even if the bishop is not involved in child abuse himself: Is he telling the Lies, fixing the COVER-UP? Does he protect the molesters? Does he let the victims alone? "I cannot defend the indefensible. I ray for the victims!" That's it?

NEVERTHELESS I still blame Mrs. Amanpour personally and cnn the institution of being part of the vatican-cover up!!!

You ask: "How can You do that?" and "Are You crazy?" So let me explain my case, please:

In producing the feature in regard of "SPOTLIGHT" that I quoted above Amanpour has her alibi, her fig-leaf that shall cover her shame. But it doesn't.

What I am talking about is media reach, range, how EFFECTIVE it is being done. My point is: If You ask any average or not viewer about "Cecil the lion" they will probably be able to tell You the story. From the angle cnn wants us to choose. Nobody will remember Amanpour's feature of "SPOTLIGHT". So here's the TRUE relation:

On one hand we have ONE dead lion. Which is not so uncommon. On the other hand we have HUNDREDS of PRIESTS fucking THOUSANDS of little children. Only in Boston. Only in 2002. Which is not uncommon at all, too! How shall we wage this?

And then cnn hammers the sad story of poor Cecil into our heads so that EVERYBODY worldwide knows about it. Because for many days - in retrospective my estimate would be: two weeks! - whenever I switched to Chicks' News Network Cecil the lion was on screen, or it took only a few minutes until it appeared. 100% media coverage.

On the other hand the FAR MORE IMPORTANT SUBJECT of SYSTEMATIC WORLDWIDE CHILD ABUSE over hundreds of years and it's COVER-UP was only featured for two minutes, and only once. That's what I saw. And then again many hours of constant-permanent hammering "first-time-historic pope-in-Mexico-visit and his fearless fight against the drug kartels" into hour heads. By the way, the european community's EU bank-control institution MoneyVal says that the Vatican's bank IOR did/does money-laundering not only for the Mafia, but for drug-kartels, too. Now You may decide whether You think this is appropriate information, or part of the COVER-UP while PRETENDING to REPORT.

A few years ago MoneyVal had 42 SEVERE issues like money-laundering in a research of the IOR, the vatican Bank. Everything's in there: money-laundering, Mafia-money, drug-money, black accounts (not one, not 100: countless!), hundreds of millions US$ of hidden black dirty money, permanent falsification of balance sheets. Looks like this is pretty much smut for a "holy" bank of a "holy" (?) chair, isn't it? What do You think?

The Vatican followed the known and always successful procedures: Silence, first, then denial. Cover-up's. Fog candles. Now they admit that. In one sentence. Nothing changes, as usual. My best crown witness against the vatican is still and most of the time the vatican itself!

This is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT media coverage versus 0.000000000001 % media coverage, isn't it? Thank You VERY MUCH, Mrs. Amanpour. Thank You VERY, much, Chicks' News Network. Thank You VERY MUCH, Mr. Turner: We can see how You work!

So: Amanpour again! Chickspeech, chickthinking, again. She blames journalists to bury the truth, and she keeps the truth down herself, and as much as she can! Right? RIGHT!!!!!!!

I HEREBY DO ASK Mrs. Amanpour to come to the Philippines and do the investigative journalism she is supposed to do in regard of CHILD ABUSE! NO COVER-UP, no bury. NOT ANY MORE!!!!

DO the research You owe to the public, and to the victims. NO BS! Not any more! FACTS! On the screen!

Understand! The cover-up is done by high-ranking-officials in the Vatican (bishops, cardinals, pope) who are not necessarily child-abusers themselves.

I have to talk about the australian archbishop Pell hic et nunc. He is in Rome, in the vatican now. He is talking in the name of Pope Francis. He admitted and he confessed. Publicly. The crimes within the IOR, the vaticanbank. He confessed that all the issues I deal with, all the subjects I address are given FACTS! Confirmed by vatican, by the pope.

Phantastic! This guy is a walking confession. I accuse, he confirms, he confesses. Everything ok. Everything ok? NOOOOOOOOO!

Especially he confirms: money laundering, black accounts, hidden money (between 500 million and 1.5 BILLION euro hidden. If they admit 1.5 Billion usually it is 5 times as much. At least. Says MY experience, my knowledge, my beliefs!) , falsification of balance-sheets. Everything. The child-abuse. And, according to cnn's G lobal C hief C hick Christiane Amanpour child-abuse cover-up. Oh, good! Super!

But, then I thought: "Ok. He might be. But until now I saw him only do what they ALL do, ALWAYS: Admit if they have to. So HOW can I find out, among ALL the LIARS,if this guy is honest, if this guy is decent?

It looks really difficult. But I did it. And, again, within only TWO minutes I found the TRUTH. It is so easy, if You can only google. You google "bishop pell" and in two minutes You get it.

How can You find out: You google the name. You do NOT go to the church's, the vatican's websites, not to the "Osservatore Romano". The reason is simple: They are involved, they are party, the are part of the scams, the cover-ups. And do NOT let sites fool You that pretend to be "independent"!

And even though I dearly do love wikipedia I do NOT go there first! Because wikipedia is an open platform. Countless catholic christians and legions of church staff work on wikipedia all the time. And they want the catholic church and the vatican to look good. Since I follow this for many years I KNOW. The articles are frequently being changed. Sometimes they are more in favour of a critical position, af few weeks later in favour of the church. Again. Most often they favourize and celebrate the church's positions, the doctrines, the "dogma".

Really: this guy sounds like the first decent, honest guy in the history of the vatican. Is he the first "holy" man who does not have dirty hands? Who is not a LIAR, a pretender?

Which are the criteria to find out whether he is a LIAR?

a) Did he ever confess, admit BEFORE anything was already public? - I could not find any hints!

b) Did he ever hand over hints, data, files, witnesses, suspects to criminal investigation? - I could not find any hints!

c) Did he ever tell about the successful conviction of a suspicious priest who was sentenced to jail? - I could find hints! Regarding his friend "Father" Ridsdale. Pell doess not look good in these.

d) Is there only the slightest indication that he took care of the victims? Instead of the cheap, empty words like those his boss pope Francis used: "I am terrified, I pray for You!" ? - I could not find any hints!

e) Did he ever make a press-conference saying: "We are deeply shocked and concerned. We are permanently working hard to fix these terrible things. Let me give You a summary of our cooperation with the police. Here is a list of the names of the priests who are under suspicion. THIS is what we do to help the victims. Here are the names of the victims that are witnesses, and who are not only willing to give testimony in court, but who are willing, with real name or without, to talk to the media." - I could not find any hints!

What I found within only two minutes is THIS: In the media the question is being discussed whether Pell is a LIAR. Oh, oh. Not so good. But does not mean much. Then I find bishops accusing him.

Other bishops accuse him of lieing. Oh, oh.

Then he is being questioned by a royal commission in Australia, he is under investigation. Oh, oh. Turns worth.

WHAT does he tell the commission?

Cardinal George Pell has again denied having knowledge of the activities of notorious pedophile priest "Father" Gerard Ridsdale, dismissing it as a “sad story” that “wasn’t of much interest to me”. If You check the video You see him accompanying "Father" Ridsdale to court. Not much interest? Do we think this might be a LIE, maybe? oh, oh.

Cardinal Pell continued to deny knowledge of Ridsdale having molested children, despite attending meetings agreeing to move him numerous times, and the widespread nature of complaints about the pedophile’s activities in the Victorian parish of Inglewood in 1975.

INCLUDING personal complaints eye-to-eye of the "Father"'s nephew David Ridsdale to Pell. But Pell does not tell. His story is different. We do not take that as LIES, do we?

"“I had no reason to turn my mind to the extent of the evils that Ridsdale had perpetrated.” - Oh boy!!!!

So we already have it, in only 2 minutes: This is precisely, EXACTLY the scheme of operation, the vatican code of conduct I know for decades, now:

Is THIS the face of evil, the faces of the devils?

I have to let You know: I did not know there was a priest in jail. Until now I said: "Not only ONE priest to be in jail." In Germany it might be like this. But I do NOT rest my case. I will only rest my case if ALL known offenders are being taken to court and to jail. 500 cases only in Boston. And now we have ONE priest in jail? In Australia? Bad luck, f.cking "Father" Ridsdale? Plus several in USA. But still a minority, only.

And THEN: Now this archbishop cardinal Pell with his proven competence in the COVER-UP of child abuse and his proven abilities of lieing about his PERSONAL involvement since he knew at least one of the victims, AT LEAST!! - I BET he knew more! - is Pope Francis No.1, the right hand, in - !!!! L O L !!!! - cleaning the IOR, the Vaticanbank????? Hmmmmm. Let us believe that Pope Francis does not know that?

And then I must see this man by the side of the child-molester when Ridsdale is on his way to his trial? Pell holding the hand of the criminal child-molester "Father" Ridsdale on his way to jail? This is MUCH WORSE than I thought.

Pretty tough. Pretty MUCH! Does this look SERIOUSLY that these guys are among the bad human trash, right?

NOT only the NOTORIOUS CHILD MOLESTER "FATHER" RIDSDALE, BUT "Father" archbishop cardinal PELL, too????? Hhhhhhhhholy .HIT!

And I do NOT wish to see ANYBODY show up and tell me I am using inappropriate language: because I do NOT! The words I use are still MUCH TO WEAK for what such devils have done, and still do!

Oh boy, oh boy!!! And Ridsdale still going strong until 1993.

I know You will NOT believe THIS! Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States! Names and pictures! HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of VICTIMS?

I assure You: You NEVER saw sth like this!!! Hundreds of millions paid to settle the cases, to silence the victims? Oh, You did not know that? Oh, You never heard of that?

4 year old kids. Mentally ill ones. Everything there! Hier werden (Schweigegeld - ?) The money of the faithful, from taxes and collection-bags? You only add up 2, 3 pages!

Some dioceses contributed files, data. But You see that only a small fraction of offenders went to jail. Most of them are free to go home.

So vatican code of conduct, again, and business as usual! First deny comment. If You are forced to comment You say You knew nothing. If You are forced to admit You confess. NEVER more than already known. Regret. Then You are fine. Data filed. You can carry on unharmed. Same procedure as every year.

But then usually there are already many things showing that this guy Pell is actively moving priests, moving hild-molesters to protect them from prosecution. Let the australian media look into the files, and they WILL find Pell's signature. Everywhere.

Result of only a quick check: Pell, too, is not the decent, honest man. He is part of the cover-up.

But then as usal MORE: "Father" Ridsdale 1975. (How many more are KNOWN in Australia? Does Pell tell?) 500 child-molesters in Boston 2002. Weeeeeell, that's LONG ago. Is it? No! It is N O T ! Because cardinal archbishop Pell does this, does the COVER-UP TODAY! In the name of Pope Francis. Halleluja. AGAIN! Thank You for Your attention.

You find sufficient information in only one press article - there are many, many more:

9news Australia on archbishop Pell. Business as usual. I did the work for You. Here are the substantial HINTS. Now YOU check YOURSELF whether I fool You or not!

And, oh, I nearly forgot: This is the guy that Christiane Amanpour, global cnn anchorwoman laudeates as the good guy who is telling the truth, who is controlling the vaticanbank following the orders of the pope Francis to clean the house. Oh, oh,oh, oh.

Now! Amanpour, again. I do not wish to believe it! She should NOT talk about things she does not KNOW. But she does. Incessantly. Confirming me when I sum up that she has NO IDEA what she is talking about. So she does NOT know what I know in only TWO minutes? CHICKEN-STUFF! I feel so bad having to say this again: Because this is THE TRUTH!

WHAT the hell does she do??? Ok. She is a busy female. I understand. She is, she thinks GOBAL. So how can he find time to update her (not given!) "expertise"? The authority letting HER teach US things?

But she has a whole "hhhhhholy?" team working for her? Don't they know their job of RESEARCH, of finding material, too? Do they manipulate her? Do they feed her with what she airs WORLDWIDE, without counter-check, to us, as meaningful information???? Unbelievable? UNBELIEVABLE! But I am afraid we have to accept that this is the way things are, in cnn!

My message to Amanpour, again: I BLAME You, Christiane! Again!

I tell You the difference of my work, Mrs. Amanpour: 98% of what I write is checked, and double checked. I take responsibility for that. I do EVERYTHING in my might to ensure that what I write is TRUE. I do not ask my readers to trust me, to believe me. I ask them to check themselves. The purpose of my work is to find the TRUTH. Then I pass my findings to my readers. And I show them the sources. Then they can check themselves. Until now in many years I only received ONE complaint. And this was not substantiated.

Looks like pretty good work, doesn't it?

If I should EVER receive substantiated criticism I will mark the incriminated passage here and I will then add the correction.

Chicks LOVE to interview the people in the streets. Because they did not understand Winston Churchill

when he said: "The strongest vote against democracy is a conversation with the voter." Don't get me wrong: It is perfectly ok to look what people think. But it is NEVER ok if they do that to manipulate us, our thinking. And this IS what they do. cnn makes the little man in the street a climate-expert who teaches us about global warming.

For the cnn-girls every silly woman is already an expert because she is a woman. Even more when she has been trafficked, if she "worked in the sex-industry", meaning: if she's a hooker. Because she is desperate, because she has deep emotions, because she is moved, because she must save everything from extinction. Ridiculous!

This is not only sick.

How do You call it if they do not care for male competence? If on the other hand any so called female "expert" gets voiced?

They are nothing but silly unsophisicated bluestockings, amazones, that's Amazonia: This cnn is FEMINIST FASCISM!

For MANY hours whenever I looked into cnn and fox I heard female voices. They discussed this endlessly. Other news were hardly available. They had only two proven facts. The rest was blabla. Here and there a man showed up to give his opinion. Not much better.

The first one who gave a REASONABLE assessment based on KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING and FACTS was cnn's Richard Quest. He said: "Cruising altitude usually is the SAFEST altitude in aviation. Not many risks up there." This is PRECISELY the point!

This is what I call the "Lockerbie-rule" since 1988 (copyright Conradi! Because nobody else came up with it until now.) It says: "Aeroplanes are so safe nowadays, they usually do not fall out of the skies by themselves any more. If they drop they were most often brought down."

So it was already 99% clear that the information made public in the very first moment had a STRONG indication that this aeroplane was exploded or shot down!

Quest understood and said pretty that. NONE of the female "experts" did.

About another 12 hours later the americans said that an attack was probably the cause. They were right, too.

The chicks LOVE climate change, the idea to be warmed sends chills down their spines, but most of the time they are DESPERATE because the animals are being killed ....,

(they are being killed since the beginning of animals, that's what they are there for! Made by nature. To eat, and to be eaten. Animals do not make sense if they are not being killed and eaten. They are not meant by nature to be abused as cuddly cute little baby toys by perverted women who have a carriage-frustration. )

.... the species (Do You know that 3 BILLION species are extinct since the beginning of life? This is NATURE. Too.) are being extincted, the water-levels rise, the islands sink and drown, the Hawaiians have to move to Hampshire, the carbon-dioxide is poisoning us, as is climate-gas, the ozone-hole is growing so we are all getting skin-cancer (we did not have that one for a while).

"Save the only planet we live on." "most vulnerable" "impact" "threat". "New era of renewable energy" (Well, this is a necessity indeed since until now all that renewable-energy-lies do not work properly. Since lies can NEVER work properly.). "Last chance. Sth has to be done! Is this planet in good hands?" THIS is what these morons hammer into our heads without any break. This is NOT about good or better arguments. This is brainwashing with hysteric, neurotic fears. This is PoP: Policy of PANIC.

Fears eat souls. How can You think clearly, analyse properly if You are full of fears?

cnn fires, ignites, fuels mass psychosis!

cnn wishes to spread the group-paranoia in it's (chicken-)staff all over the world! Are we letting them do that? YES!!!

Listen to her, to Amanpour. She does not even know the difference between 1000 feet and 1000 meters. Then she doesn't care. Since the difference is only THREE HUNDRED PERCENT? Amanpour, again: "Reeeallyyyyy, Ambassador, a WAAAAAR????" Heaven, tssss!

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhholy brick.

NOOOOOOW, come on! PLEASE DO let me be fair! Amanpour is not a bad person, maybe. She simply does not have knowledge, nor understanding. She's got no brains. No idea. That's not her fault. Nothing she can fix. People love her. They listen to what she says. That's good. Simple people understand simple anchorwoman. She has no reason. That's why everybody out there who does not understand reason, knowledge and intelligence loves her. That's bad. So let her read. But, NEVER, let her write what she reads!

Now WHO's to blame? The guys who make a simple girl an anchorwoman! Got it?

They even turn the weather-report into a propaganda-machinegun: "The experts expect more and more severe, stronger storms in the upcoming future!" And Bang, bang, beng, bing, bong, bung, we shake, we shiver, because we KNOW now for SURE we are all going to die, and our children will curse us for what we've done.

Ted's chicks want to scare us to death. Because this is what THEY are themselves, far beyond reality: scared to death.

And the message is: We are the assholes who do that. We. You, and me. Because we do not do what THEY tell us to do, because we do not do what THEY think is right.

While they are blessed with the wisdom of the universe. These woman-folk are drunk, they are stoned, swimming in a lake of good feelings telling them THEY save animals, the grass, the forests, the rivers, the mountains, the land, water, continents, the planet and the universe! Is this a bad joke? Yes, this IS really a bad joke!

How does Ted Turner manipulate You?

Turner does not give You fair information. He filters. He only lets You know what HE and his bitches, Your godpapa Turner and his chicks think is good for You. So they give You only their view of reality to see.

Two examples, only. You think about ALL the rest Yourself, please. The moment I show You You should understand.

cnn only presents the nice guys who are immigrants. cnn tells You NOTHING about the crimes they already commit, every day, especially drugs, child abuse, rape, theft, robbery, mass fights in the camps. For cnn this does not exist. For You: it does!

It especially does if You are in Germany. Since...

the Unmatched Master of Desaster, the german chancellor Angela Merkel

...enforces a policy of silence. She suppresses proper information since it shows the extent of her failure, the true dimension of the problem. cnn helps her: One of the major news channels, n-tv is under the influence of Ted Turner's cnn.

Then: even if they wanted to tell they could not. Germany is not keeping proper files. They have no idea how many militant holy warriors use the open doors to infiltrate Germany.

The information we have comes from police chiefs and from police union. They say it's a lot worse then known. And then there is a significant dark figure. We know women in the camps are permanently being raped. But many are to scared to talk. They live with their attackers. Every day.

So even the police does not know precisely/ They know the reported crimes. They know it is very bad. But they do not know the dark figures. So even they do not know how bad it really is.

This is the reason why the silly fools of "time"-magazine made the german chancellor Angela Merkel "Person Of The Year". Merkel lies to us the same way. And the achorwomenfolk of cnn/n-tv and "time" want us to buy the lies.

About 8 weeks after I wrote the above passage, in 29 Feb 2016, we do not only have mass rapes in the immigrants' places, but HUNDREDS of sexual assaults against german women, even 85 years old!, in the streets. Plus a similar situation in Egypt.

cnn only and exclusively shows global warming. Serious scientists who say with reason, that climate change is there since the beginning of times are unheard in cnn. (Another reason why the HATE Trump. He says "That's just weather!" And he is RIGHT, of course!) We would not live without climate change. We cannot fight global warming since this is determined by the sun, the universe, not by mankind. The earth looks for itself. The sun destroys, it eats the earth. Nothing we can do to change that. NO WAY! You are NOT guilty. You do NOT have to do what cnn thinks is right. Because cnn has no idea what is right.

These serious scientists do not exist in cnn. But they are the ones who are serious. They are NOT paranoid. But cnn does not want You to know what they have to say. cnn does not let You decide Yourself what You think. They want You to think what they think.

And now we understand why they HATE Donald Trump: Because he does not buy their cheap, bad merchandise. He's not Obama who sings the song of climate changes in similar high pitches as the bitches. That guy who made that fantastic iran nuclear deal, paying billions to militant islam? And of course bitch favours bitch. Who's the most stupid, corruptest lieing bitch in US who spoils everything? Cannot be some Hillary, can it?

So THERE we are: Ted Turner has to many problems: He cannot beat Donald Trump, he cannot join him. So he fights him as good as he can. With ALL means. He even tries to prove Trump is racist and discriminates, makes jokes about cripples. And Turner KNOWS that these are lies.

Trump does what Turner can never do: he runs for presidency. Successfully.

Ted Turner makes himself lose his face acting like that, full of envy. Und: UNFAIR!

:)   Pretty? YES!  :)

cnn leads the genesis of panics to perfection.

So: YES!
cnn's responsible,
cnn's guilty!
And Ted Turner lost his face!

Mr. Turner is NOT a gentleman. He's nothing else but a heel biter. (Heel biters are small dogs that approach from behind to bite Your heels.) Mean coward attack from behind and below, that is. Malicious. Disgraceful. Infamous.

Mr. Turner abuses his powers. He is not running a news channel as he wants us to believe. cnn is a propaganda-machine that does not report the news, it manipulates them. He wants to MAKE politics pretending to document politics.


Explanation: cnn and Ted Turner sue Trump to insult others: races, beliefs, handicapped, women, candidates. Against better knowledge. They know that Trump does NOT discriminate races for their skin color or handicapped people for their disabilities. Now I tell You the difference: If a lady is and stays a LADY nobody will call her names. Same for a gentleman. If a lady turns herself a bitch of course everybody is allowed to call her a bitch.

chick's channel KNOWS: Trump has trust, friends and business all over the world. With all races. With all religions. He is not racist. He loves women. He has a great family, and he gives the best care to his daughters. He works with and employs thousands, countless women. He pays for their life and their work. He is not sexist. He does not discriminate cripples. I am severely disabled myself. It is his best right to attack somebody who comes down on him badly. Cripples have no special rights to attack somebody recklessly. A cripple who plays hard must be ready to be played hard. Like everybody else. This is NOT discrimination. It is discrimination if we cripples are being approached differently. And the cnn comes and says Trump ridicules the disabled! Every LIE is good for cnn to damage the reputation of Trump. Ted Turner damages his own reputation more than that of Donald Trump.

If a dog and his bitches fight a dirty, unfair propaganda war instead of sticking to their business of reporting, of documenting events You are allowed to address them in an adequate way, too.

So, of course!, Mr. Trump is RIGHT: It was not ok and embarrassing for the USA when they put Bill Clinton to that Lewinsky-hearing. It was a national SHAME to impeach Mr. Bill Clinton for making Monica Lewinsky happy. Because it was never, is not, and must never be subject of public judgement whom a president fucks. It is his private affair, it concerns him, and the fucked one.

But! If Hillary plays the sexist card against Trump, and Bill Clinton joins in, Trump is free to tell them: "Look into the mirror!"

What do we have now? We have a president being impeached because he makes a girl happy. In US history EVERY president tried to make as many of his young female subjects as happy as possible. And they did NOT impeach him for corruption??? - Strange!

And then we have a cheap bitch. She's corrupt, she lies (ALL the time!), she is responsible for that bad Benghasi-problem. She puts confidential, classified, secret information on public internet servers (How STUPID is that????). She is a lawyer! She MUST know BETTER! She falsifies (mail-)evidence publicly, and EVERYBODY can see how she does it. And nothing happens to her? Investigators talking STRONG, and nothing happens? Because some president fool protects her from law?

I fight the senseless barbarian primitive ritual torture of circumcision, male or female fgm. So does cnn. I appreciate that.

Manipulations = LIES!

For Your information: The german n-tv, run and owned by the Bertelsmann-group, is a TIGHT affiliate of Ted Turner's cnn. They do the same. If they do not want You to know the truth they do not pass essential information to You as it is their duty. Or they tell, but make it sound unimportant, they make it small. They manipulate. They exaggerate to make You follow and believe their ideas. cnn and n-tv act the same way.

When pope Francis ran away from the storm in Tacloban/Philippines afp news said: "Pope flees Philippine storm while on typhoon mercy mission." n-tv said: "The pope proudly resisted the storm in Tacloban and paraded the faithful nevertheless." You see the difference?

gott vertreibt und verjagt Papst Franz aus Tacloban/Leyte (nur in English, leider!)

The REAL joke is: It was the mercy mission for the victims of another typhoon, of "Haiyan".

BOTH tv-stations are promoting vatican's pr-propaganda 100%. One to one!


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