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What the hell does that Barrack Obama think? Do You really think legal gun owners are a problem?

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Barrack Obama carries a gun. If he is being attacked he can immediately take defensive action HIMSELF.

Donald Trump carries a gun. If he is being attacked he can immediately take defensive action HIMSELF.

About everybody in Switzerland carries a gun. If they are being attacked they can immediately take defensive action THEMSELVES.

The time is about to come that the churches will have guns in their preliminaries again. If they are being attacked they can immediately take defensive action THEMSELVES. I hope they will not open fire if somebody insults a mother or a religion.

Is this a security concern? Do these guys go berserk, run amok, kill people? We do NOT think they do, do we?

Maybe these guys are even less likely to abuse a gun since they are being trained to handle a gun responsibly.

So what is Obama's problem wanting to enforce more strict gun laws?"

He'd better make sure that good existing gun laws are not corrupted by silly stupid actions. By letting guns to be sold to people who are known to be a safety risk. Known weirdos. Known criminals. Known fanatics. Known persons with mental problems. Known persons being blacklisted for flights. And so on. You block all these, and everybody's fine with that, EVERYBODY agrees.

You have kids? You want them to go to a mall, a supermarket, to school? You want them to be SAFE, there?

Ok, then. So, if one of these crazy folk goes somewhere where Your kids are and opens fire You got a problem.

Wouldn't You feel a lot BETTER if the same moment one of these morons fires a gun he has an ARMY OF GUNS in the hands of RIGHTEOUS persons against him? In EVERY school, in EVERY supermarket, in EVERY cinema? So he cannot perform already 100 kills in the first ten minutes before the first police car arrives?

I do not have kids. But if I should ever have one in school I would wish ALL the teachers were carrying guns - after appropriate checks. I know BEST there are a lot of crazy, foolish, mentally displaced teachers around. But the rest should carry guns so they can save the life of my children in a desperate emergency. These killers in Paris could only be so deadly successful in the Charlie-Hebdo-office because NOBODY of the attacked carried a gun: they died with only empty hands to defend themselves. Even with an ordinary 45-calibre You can bring down a guy who carries an AK-47, a Kalashnikov. You have a chance to survive. With empty hands Your chances to survive are ZERO. For SURE. NO doubt! You are DEAD. 100%. And this is the way it ALWAYS happens.


14 June 2016: 49 kids being killed by a weirdo in Orlando/Florida, 5 in serious condition. One GUN in the hand of ONE righteous person could have brought the muslimist killer down. 50 more gunned down and seriously wounded.

I started this consideration several months ago. Today 49 innocent youngsters are dead. 50 more close to death.


Would You EVER really want one of these ladies to carry a gun?

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If one of these women is standing in the middle between Your little 6-year-old daughter and a militant holy godwarrior You DO want her to have a gun in her hands, and: the BIGGER the Better. And: the MORE she is trained to handle the gun the BETTER!

You can only stop the righteous people from having guns. You will never stop a holy warrior from having guns and explosives.

Because they have easy access to all black markets. Many police officers have illegal guns. Policemen, terrorists, criminals, holy warriors LOVE illegal guns. And they modify them. One reason: they cannot be traced. Second reason: in the black market You get weapons that are not available elsewhere.

And now Obama wants us to believe that guys who love illegal guns care about legal licenses, about gun laws and gun regulations? That's a BAD joke, right?

Gun laws in Europe are strict. The holy warriors in Paris had AK 47 Kalashnikovs. In Europe Belgium's Brussels is one of the capitals of (illegal) weapons trade. Every holy warrior knows that. No problem. Every holy warrior is being informed where he can easily buy what he needs. Already some decades ago "The Anarchist Cookbook" was published and available in bookshops and tattoo studios. It contained a lot of information about weapons, guns, drugs, explosives, detonators. Now the updated, sophisticated information is available in the internet for every fanatic caveman.

So WHAT sense Obama thinks stricter gun laws make? They NEVER stop a murderer. They only stop righteous people who want to protect themselves, their homes - and their CHILDREN!

Obama wants America where Europe already is: EVERYBODY can start a bloody massacre with machine guns easily. Those who need to defend themselves have only their empty hands.

It is OF COURSE perfectly ok to perform background checks! No easy access for weirdos! The problem is not stricter gun laws. The problem is they do not look better after the weirdos they already know. There's no excuse they did not do that already.

Obama makes it easier for the killers! Because there will be less, not more resistance, less counteraction. As in Paris, as already in Europe.

That sounds great, that sounds smart, Mr. Obama! Especially from somebody who is perfectly protected. And who carries a gun himself.

Obama stands in front of the cameras in chicken stable TV, Chick's News Network cnn. And he CRIES, he weeps, he's deeply moved. The chicks love that, I know. I want a world leader to be controlled by reason, not by emotion. He talks a lot. About dead kids in Chicago. I buy that one. And about the second amendment. He uses the second amendment against lawful citizens. The evil doesn't care. BINGO, Mr. President!

Then: If militant gunners of whatever origin, guests stand up to kill not only their hosts who feed them, but their children too: Does that turn the RIGHT to carry a gun in a DUTY to do so, for self-defense and the defense of others who cannot defend themselves?

Look: when I am in a supermarket and one of these cavemen, or a teenager from a good family gone mad starts to fire rounds I want to have 100 good guys standing before me, and behind me, around me, with 200 guns in their hands, to bring the killer down. Right away. Because I am dead before police can protect me.

There's a strict gun law in Germany. Result: Only the bad guys, the criminals have (ILLEGAL) guns. No guns in the hands of the good guys. Like me. Or like You?

In America a guy who wants to rape or to heist a lonely woman in her house must be aware to face a gun. In Germany he faces no risk, no problem.

Does militant Islam leave any reasonable alternative to carrying a gun even to pacifist hippies?

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