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Well, Conradi on Clarkson, then!

Der Herr sieht ALLES, aber er verrät uns nicht :)

The Lord sees EVERYTHING, but he does not tell!

NIEMALS darf dabei der Spass auf der Strecke bleiben!

A tribute to the BEST of ALL times:


Here with journalist, leading narciss and primadonna tent-jeans-drag-queen Jeremy Clarkson, the best, the global No.1 in his job! I met and insulted him at the Nuerburgring two times.

Now the time has come to insult him here!

Austin Metro-enthusiasts are pussies!

Update April 2015: When BBC fired Jeremy I was asked about that, and I said: "This guy is taller and bigger than the fool who fired him." That's the situation. If Jeremy hits a folk who thinks he's bigshot in the face they can fix that. Not BBC's business to fix the morals and ethics of the world. A bleeding lip has nothing to do with a professional program. This program MADE ( = past for the BBC!) 50 MILLION Pound = 70 MILLION euro per YEAR for the BBC. Anybody who fires a guy who brings in 70 MILLION euro per year rising up should have a VERY good reason to do so. Jeremy better broke the guy's nose. But even that would not be worth losing a turnaround of 70 MILLION.

Good to see that James May and Richard Hammond stand by my side on his side as well. They left BBC immediately. Since not only the British Prime Minister but also Rowan Atkinson is in the boat with us for sure too there is nobody left who is able to run the next generation of "Top Gear" appropriately. They will have an empty label, a hollow brand left, if they own the rights which seems to be the case. Jeremy will come back with more money in his pockets than ever. "Top Gear" will not.

Top-Gear-producer Andy Wilman left BBC as well. "Mr Wilman, writing in the Top Gear magazine which is owned by BBC Worldwide, said that the BBC’s decision to sack Clarkson was a “tragedy”. " I do not think it is. Clarkson can return stronger and better than ever. Jezza, the Hamster, May, and with Wilman. Plus, maybe, even with Sabine? (I did NOT say that! You did NOT see that I said that! You immediately FORGOT that I wrote that. Because I did NOT write that!)

Within only a few days there were more than a MILLION supporters (www.change.org) who asked BBC to take him back. Who wants that? Clarkson can do even better without BBC. His friends will not lose him. Who needs BBC? But EVERYBODY wants Clarkson, and Hammond, around the world. And maybe even May. May's fine. Even though I liked Tiff Needell better.

Our deepest feelings, condolences and regrets, though, are with his daughter Emily, who twittered:"BBC, please take him back! He already started cooking!" This thing IS getting a problem, is getting really serious, now!

But, well, and: L O L !!!, let's see it THIS way: If the fools in BBC realize what they've done and understand suddenly, that they need Clarkson far more desperately than he needs them they will have to offer him twice as much as they paid him before. AT LEAST. - Lifelong experience I made: the more stupid I was in my life the more money it cost me. This is a GENERAL RULE of BASIC KNOWLEDGE about EXISTENCE!

Update08/01/2015: I was RIGHT, of course: Clarkson back up, BBC not. Clarkson hit BBC on the lips, again, and this one is one hundred times worse.

If I were the BBC-producer who sacked Clarkson for hitting his nose, I would hit myself and break my nose every four weeks for the rest of my life. They fired the guy who made 55 Million pounds a year for them. Now they have nothing. Jezza has EVERYTHING: he's online with amazon, he will make all the money in the world now. Better, stronger than ever.

By the way: What makes You a REAL VIP, nowadays? Google does! If You only enter "jer" there, they already suggest You are looking for Jeremy Clarkson. 3 letters only. THIS is STATUS! Google needs 9 letters ("Ulrich Edz") to suggest me. That's not status, that's not VIP, that's underdog : Teaching us that 6 letters make the difference between a VIP and an underdog. Sorry for that. I work on it. Check out Your status, Your ranking, Your VIP-status in google yourself ;) You'll be amazed. Maybe.

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