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La Maddalena

High High

future - You can have it right NOW!

This is the starter, only! And maybe it is not only a beginning. Maybe there's more to come, another story, more stories worth to tell?

TT SporTec car/gentleman's accessories

A forgotten paradise? Certainly NOT. And: More than this. This is...

.... HISTORY. Lifestyle. Ambiente. Atmosphere. Food. Al Dente.

Can You imagine a mixture more fascinating?

This is more than just the billionaires. Not only, but evidently Porto Cervo. And there's so much more. It is Admiral Nelson, La Maddalena, Napoleon, Spain, about Captain Bell. But FIRST of all it is about people, human beings, the Sards, their families, and about the people from all over the world who come there. It is not only stunning HIstory, it's a about everybody there having his story.

And Captain Bell is not only a bar in Porto Cervo, he's not even a sailor. Because he's not even a bellboy, he's the man with the bell!

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If You're hot You're hot. If You're not You're not.

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