Yes, OF COURSE they do!!! But WHY? And: HOW?

We support

So WHY do they betray You?

Because You pay them for their lies! You pay them for betraying You, for making a fool out of Yourself. If somebody tells You the TRUTH You do not pay, You do not obey.

I meet people every day that try to betray me for only a few pesos. There are many people in the world who would lie to You for 100 euro ( = 137 US-$ = 6100 Pesos PHP). There are a lot of people who lie to You for 1.000 euro (= 1370 US-$ = 61.000 PHP). Most of the people in the world would lie and betray You for 10.000 euro (= 13700 US-$ = 610.000 PHP) Nearly everybody would lie, betray and kill for 100.000 euro (= 137.000 US-$ = 6.100.000 PHP) (in the 90%-catholic Philippines You can buy a killer for Your wife for 20 US-$. Every other day professional killers send people to their ancestors, make them cold: a nasty old wife to exchange her for a friendly young pretty one, a mayor, a journalist who is to close to the and speaks out/writes the truth, a military general has a traffic-enforcer killed. Common, erveryday business in the Phils: MANY people here sell a kidney for 50.000 Pesos = 1100 US-$ = 800 euro.). EVERYBODY would lie and betray for 1.000.000 - 1 Million - euro ( = 1,37 Million = 1.370.000 US-$ This is 1,37*10^6 = 61.000.000 = 61*10^6 PHP).

:)   ALLE besoffen !  :)

The catholic church, the Vatican, the popes, cardinals, bishops were and are among the worst criminal sadistic animals in the history of mankind, in the history of earth!

They want You to believe that You can easily identify the devil with his horns, red face, and hoofs. The reality is: the devil comes in the disguise of the good, the holy man. They are trying to fool You! Do You want to let them make You a fool, or would You rather CHECK YOURSELF whether they are lying to You?!

But of course You are free to stay blind, to keep Your eyes shut, to continue believing their lies, to be faithful, to fear the ghosts and a god that does NOT exist!

I am not lying to You! You can check every word I say, because it is the TRUTH, no lies, and You will find that if You only look!

If You REALLY understand what I am telling and showing You, they can NEVER again make You their fool, they cannot lie to You any longer. Because You DO KNOW THE TRUTH!

I give You the evidence, show You where to look for the TRUTH!

Is the pope a lier?

I will not give You the answer.. Because You will not believe me. Because You want to believe the lies. I want You to find the TRUE answers Yourself.

Right now EVERYBODY who has eyes to see and a little bit of brain to think:

The pope LIES about child-abuse. And EVERYBODY can see that. I mean that "god weeps about the victims"-crap.

You cannot claim innocence any more after You read this! - wikipedia

In so far as wikipedia diverts from my point of view I do NOT rest my case!

Don't You see that no pope until now took care of the victims. The policy is: "I am terrified. I pray for You. And now: "Go away. Fuck off."

Only a handful of victims who were to loud in public received active restitution. The rest got NOTHING.

The offenders on the other hand got protected, active protection by their bosses, the popes. They were just transferred to another community. Many if not most of them started abusing the children of the faithful immediately again. First they fuck the faithful, then they screw their kids.

There is NO, not even ONE priest, cardinal, bishop, pope in church tradition of worldwide sex abuse of the children of the faithful over hundreds of years who went to jail. NOT ONE.

If somebody would abuse children and You get knowledge: What would You do? Would You stay silent, would You do nothing? No. You would pass Your knowledge to the police immediately.

The church does NOT do that. They protect their priests. There is NOT ONLY ONE known case that the church turned over evidence to the police. They do NOT do that. Because they protect the OFFENDERS, not the victims.

And if the advisor did not READ and UNDERSTAND the book "God's Bankers" by Gerald Posner he is not qualified. Perhaps Posner should have the job!

Then there is so MUCH MORE!!!! The vatican's mother-Teresa- scam for example. 650 million US$ donated for her missionaries. Nothing arrived there. Somebody should pass the knowledge to Mr. Trump!

Vatican's Mother-Teresa-SCAM

One of the major eternal permanent lies of all popes is Pius' dogma "The desire for money is the root of all evil." - Says somebody who knows BEST.

All popes sing the song of noble poverty. All popes spent money regardless how much for their palaces, for their luxury. Let's take a look at super-poverty-pope Francis. In America he sports himself in the usual pope-mobile, that is manufactured specially and to highest safety standards for each visit abroad. If not in that one for public defilees he uses a small Fiat for tranfers. Let's get that: His convoi moving You see 20 big brandnew black SUV's each manned with 5 exquisitely trained killers inside each. Headed by a pope who saves money and displays himself riding poor in a Fiat. Is this RIDICULOUS???? Let's get that: one day of the pope's visit costs the Americans 50 Million US$. Alitalia Boeing, security, entourage, traffic safety, everything. And this guy tries to fool us by saving 1000 US$ by not using a stretch limo? IF this is the case. Since EVERY car manufacturer worldwide would give as many limos as requested for free.

This is NOT a joke. It is their SERIOUS desire to fool us and show us a pope who lives poor.

Then: the pope seems to live in a smaller place than usual. His more than infamous predecessor Benedict XVI. Josef Ratzinger retired and was rewarded with the luxurious life in Castel Gandolfo. You can consider that this IS a PALACE. I have no positive knowledge, but chances are he might even still be flying his papal helicopter himself, which is certainly more than 10.000 US$ per flight hour for the big ones he used to fly.

The german Bishop BlingBling spent 40 Million euro for his private residence. He bought a bathtub for 15.000 euro and a table for 25.000 euro, just to name two positions. This is not unusual for Bishops. Somehow (intrigue?) Tebart-van der Elst's investments were published. Francis retired him. After some time he rewarded the Bishop with a powerful position in the Vatican. Should be worth an income of 500.000 US$ a year.

The verbal money-doctrine of the church is unchanged for hundreds of years. This makes EVERY pope a lier. Since no pope was ever living poor. Some displayed poverty to the world, but they and all members of the vatican lived filthy rich. Every pope was full of greed for money.

Until the beginning of the twentieth century the vatican was often poor. Even though they often spent unbelievable amounts of money for their palaces, for their cathedrals, even for the maintenance of their real estate. Donald Trump is the man who knows BEST about these costs, these amounts of money.

But the Vatican was essentially poor since they had no money. They were broke. Often. They saved their necks countless times, even by borrowing money from the jews they hated most, from the Rothschild's. And by cooperating with the worst devils. Mussolini, for example. And Adolf Hitler. Just to name two.

The vatican was broke so often because the popes spent to much money. Not for the needy, not for the poor. They spent to much money for THEMSELVES, for their limitless luxurious lifestyle.

Then they lost to much money with their financial engagements. Because they invested the money instead of buying food for starving children. They condemned greed, profits, interests, but they were global players in doing that themselves. With every trick, with every camouflage to keep that secret, to cover that up, to lie about that.

The situation changed with Pius XI / XII, because they enthroned the man who was the first to really be "God's Banker": Bernardino Nogara.

wikipedia: Bernardino Nogara

So: BEFORE Nogara was appointed he made the condition that even the pope does not interfere with his business. Then he made the condition that he would only take the job "if his work was not restricted by religious doctrine." This was agreed.

Nogara then insisted that he could invest in any country of his choice, regardless of it's political system, or it's politics. So we were in the laughs again if the reality created by vatican/popes would not be so weird. There were - let's say? - "grumbles" in the curia that church's core values were broken. But as long as the balance sheets showed surpluses - vulgo "P R O F I T S ". Remember that EVERY pope condemns "profits" as devil's greed? - Pius and his chief advisors were pleased, the critics were silenced. Business as usual. As always. Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as EVERY year!


Public church/vatican/pope LIE: church doctrine "money is evil". REALITY: unrestricted use of all (legal and illegal) means of economy/money markets

Let us realize that this PERFECTLY explains the situation in the Vatican Bank IOR 100 hundred years later, today! Lies, money laundering, kills, organised crime, mafia/cosa nostra-accounts, everything. Please check MoneyVal for the issues they know. I do not think they know more than 1 percent of the reality. MoneyVal found 42 issues. This is even more than most secularised banks have. I would not be surprised if there are 4200 issues. At LEAST! And than You have an understanding that I am right about the Scarano-scandal.

But PLEASE, dear reader: DO never forget the L I E S!!! Do NOT get confused!

For hundreds of years they say: "You must give Your money to god." "god needs Your money."

I do not have to tell You, because You KNOW: if god is god he needs no money. He has EVERYTHING. And he does not get the money. And he NEVER got it. The guys who are getting it and who are spending it for their good life (PRIORITY no. ONE!) are the popes and their comrades. You can see that. And You can see that they spend it for their palaces, and for their cathedrals. And only sometimes they give sth to a few of the poor.

Look here, and see "Inquisition Torture Tools Of The V A T I C A N", because this is the T R U T H !!!

The victims were INNOCENT, they did NOTHING bad, they were NO witches, NO heretics, NO traitors. Often they were scientists telling the TRUTH. The churches did EVERYTHING in their power to stop them from telling the TRUTH!

The victims were INNOCENT, guilty were the torturers! The preachers, the priests, cardinals, bishops, popes who tortured, blackmailed, lied, and KILLED: They were the DEVILS! Among the worst the earth has E V E R seen!

The churches in Germany alone make EURO - these are numbers made public by the german government. They collect the taxes for the churches. Breaking the German Constitution which requests state and churches to be separated. (11 BILLION euro = 11.000 Million euro, that's MORE than 17.400.000.000 = 17,4 BILLION = 17,4*10^9 US-$, = 671.000.000.000 = 671 BILLION = 671.000 MILLION Pesos = 671*10^9 PHP) in taxes alone. EVERY YEAR!!! PLUS collection, PLUS donations, PLUS legacies, PLUS profits from businesses, PLUS revenues from capital investments. And so on.

Do You want to live first class, do You want to dine first class? At the expense of the faithful? At the expense of the poor? Join the catholic church, join INC, join any religion!

:)   ALLE besoffen !  :)

A bishop in Germany - and he is only ONE out of several bishops in Germany who chose to proceed in a similar manner! - , who just spent 50 Million euro = 68,5 Million US$ = = 3,05 Billion PHP = 3.050 MILLION PHP in 2013 for the renovation of his residence (including at least one bathtub for 15.000 euro = 20550 US $ = 915.000 PHP - for the bathtub! PLUS: a conference table that cost 25000 euros and a private chapel for 2.9 million euros. Oh, I forgot: PLUS a garden for 783.000 euro, PLUS 450.000 euro for art, and so on) has a monthly income/salary of 11.000 euro = 17.400 US $ = 670.000 PHP per month. PLUS free living in the residence ( = 0 rent), PLUS luxury limousine PLUS chauffeur PLUS free and good food PLUS free travelling PLUS more).

When the story went thru the media some faithful, but not to many, got mad. The bishop of Limburg Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst ("Bishop Bling Bling") who STOLE/abused/defrauded/embezzled the money of the faithful - well, of course we are free to assume that the needy starving dying ill poor people on earth did not need the 50 MILLION euro, that year! -, went to pope Francis for report. A few days later he went back to Limburg to continue his job. No hand cut off (bible/qran for stealing!), no blue eye, no broken nose, not even a burning bum is being reported. What they report is: "We give the residence to the needy, to the poor." Oh, we are IMPRESSED. That's what they usually say: "We do good to the poor, we feed the starving." So now the needy german poor can clean his dirty bum in the 15000-euro-bathtub in the residence of the Bishop of Limburg, and then have his breakfast with his buddies at a 25.000-euro-conference-table. We trust them. We believe them. After all, they are holy, aren't they?

You see: If it was me, the story would be different. no : "You pray 5 Ave Mary." and then "Ego te absolvo! You go home, now, You are free of Your sin, it is forgiven." YES: That guy would carry big signs on his front and back ("sandwich-man") for 10 years at least: "I am a bad boy. I used 50 Million euro of the donations and money of the faithful for a luxury lifestyle. I regret my sins!". Or / plus I would send him to a mission in the deepest african bush for ten years. Or let him service the children who are working in mines for 10 hours each day, and ten years. THIS is what TEACHES humility! Pope Francis who publicly favours the simple life did NOTHING. The faithful love him.

Bishop Bling-Bling

Well, Francis did what they usually do with priests who abuse children to protect them from jurisdiction (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger vulgo pope Benedikt (latin for: he who does good. The name holy Ratzinger thought was appropriate to describe himself: so he chose it. He did good. Protecting those who abused little children. He only did good to the victims when he was forced to do that.) XVI. did that, too. Maybe this is the TRUE cause for the first pope in the history of the church for the last 800 years to resign "for health/age-reasons" (usually they LOVE and favour the seniles, the brain-dead!)And now he is protected from the german jurisdiction and state-attorneys in his "retreat" , the Vatican's enclave and safe house Castel Gandolfo.): he "separated him from his diocese for a not specified time".

Catholics incensed as German bishop of Limburg builds palace fit for a pope

Bishop of Limburg pays fine, rather than contest perjury charges

Let's put things RIGHT, here, AGAIN: A fine of 20.000 euro for lying to a judge in court for a man whose salary is 11.000 euro a month (while his living - rent, food, expenses - is already paid for completely!) is a grain of sand in the eye of a filthy rich bishop. IF he paid the fine himself - what we do NOT know. Or did the church/the faithful pay? Again?

If You think the situation in the Philippines is only slightly better You are W R O N G!!!!

The bishops and cardinals, all the people in the higher ranks of ANY religious group live the life of the filthy rich. And they admit that, publicly, it's in the news. Why don't You read it? Why don't You care?

You are poor, but YOU pay them! WHY do You give them Your money?

The situation in the Philippines is as obscene: the catholic church has assets of about 18 Billion Pesos in the Philippine stock exchange. They ask the faithful for a donation so they can buy 7 SUV (sport utility vehicles). In less than two weeks the faithful give donations exceeding 1 Million Pesos PHP. Well, the philippine bishops could buy from their savings 15.272 SUV's without begging for donations. But that's not smart. It is a lot smarter to let the faithful pay for the SUV's. Now who's smarter: the parasites in the catholic church who beg and take, or the faithful who give - and get nothing else than empty phrases, prayers?

The sin of obscene wealth. Bishops say: Blessed are the poor!

There is NO poor bishop anywhere in the world. So in their own words chances are that there are no bishops that are blessed.

Same with pope Francis: In his New-years-speech in the Basilica in Rome he requested the faithful to ask themselves how much good they have done for the starving, the poor, the needy in 2013. I give this question back: How much money did the catholic church / the pope make in 2013? How much did they give to the starving, the poor, the needy in 2013? Then: How much money was donated by the faithful for the victims of Super-Typhoon "Haiyan" in the Philippines? What did and how much money did the catholic church for the victims? How much money made the catholic church in the Philippines in 2013? How much money did the philippine Bishops send every year to the pope/the IOR/the Vatican Bank in Rome? Let's say: in the last fifty years from 1963 to 2013.

The faithful pay. So it is their best right to ask and be told how much money came in, and where it went, how it was used. Never heard I ask any faithful in the Phils!

I think every Filipino should know: Only the germans alone gave 1 MILLION euro EVERY DAY to the organizations for the victims of "Haiyan" "Yolanda". Did this money arrive in Tacloban or elsewhere? I did not see that. What did they do with it? Where is this money?

The moment the religions/churches/the catholic church/the Vatican/the pope stop lying they lose ALL. And EVERYTHING!!! They lose their tremendous power, unequalled by anything else on earth. The political power. The media power. The power of L I E S !!! The power You give them. The power You pay them.

Vatican's LIST of best movies ever

Vatican's Top 100 best movies ever

Essentially following me is "LISTVERSE"

10 Scandals That Rocked The Vatican

The "mother"-Teresa-LIE

:)   T R U T H   :) - beats EVERY lie!

In the 1980s the Vatican's media / propaganda-bureau ran the biggest media-campaign in the history of mankind, the "mother"-Teresa-HOAX. Very successful. EVERYBODY on earth loved/admired her - except those who knew her in person. These had a strong tendency to think of her as an ugly, nasty, cruel, dirty, selfish, greedy, primitive old bitch. Perhaps these are the reasons why the vatican loves her so much. The bloody stupid fools in Norway gave her the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, that's what they did with Yasser Arafat, the boss and "father" of the "PLO" (Palestine Liberation Organization), one of the most feared terrorists in the history of mankind. (By the way: when Arafat died/was being murdered he was privately worth 500 Million US-$ in his accounts: this was money given to him by different sources (arabs, muslims, Iran, - and the german government under chancellor Helmut Kohl - to buy WHAT?) to finance the war of palestenian terrorists - whom he betrayed.) A warlord who betrayed the Palestine People. I think the palestine people was stronger motivated to kill him than the Israeli secret service "Mossad". So: WHO did it??? - But. Anyway. The catholic church generated more than 600 Million US-$ ( = 26.400.000.000 = 26 BILLION 400 Million PHP) in donations with their romantic-emotional (LISTEN to me: Vatican-propaganda does NOT give hard facts. They serve emotions!) story about the holy (they made her "holy" in a highly unusual procedure immediately after she died. Why? The story was HOT, it generated more donations, MORE MONEY from the faithful.) The donations did not reach the 500 missionaries of "mother" Teresa, whose real name was Agnes Gonxha, an Albanian-born, Indian Roman Catholic Religious Sister. The journalist Christopher Hitchens called her "Hell's Angel". Her websites tell the lies still today. But even there NOBODY says: "We got the money, and THIS is what we did with it:.........." NOTHING! They still sing the song of their poverty, asking/begging for donations, for money that never reaches the poor.

Teresa-website. Be careful! They try to talk Your brain drunk there!

Teresa in wikipedia. Time to update this trash!

You find the TRUTH about "mother" Teresa here:

Huffington Post: Mother Teresa Humanitarian Image A 'Myth,' New Study Says

Problem is: The Huffington Post is in Error: NOTHING new about that! These facts were already known by those with better informations in the 1990s BEFORE she died in 1997.


Mother Teresa ...—and the Vatican—were even worse than we thought


‘The dark side of Mother Teresa’


Mother Teresa: anything but a saint...

By the way: when she was about to die she did NOT search treatment by the doctors in her missionaries: she went to an expensive, well equipped hospital in the USA. SIC! Quod erat demonstrandum.

Vatican's ETERNAL "miracle"-SCAMS!

BIG S. For plural, for: MANY! Not one. To many to count. They do this incessantly and intentionally all the time through hundreds of years, thru history.

The SCAM-scheme is always the same.

subtitle ONE - the LIE, the LEGEND: "crutches abandoned by those healed" "Step up, take Your bed, and go!"

This is such a nice invention that every smart preacher/religion tries to adopt it. And ALL the faithful chew it, and believe these are miracles.

:)   ALLE besoffen !  :)

EVERYBODY knows Lourdes, but of course this is not only about Lourdes. It's about Bengals, Fatima, Cathedral of Almuneda, Einsiedeln and all the others!

Am I the only stupid folk in the universe who only has one leg??? The others go to church? Ang get their's back? So they zan throw their crutches, their artficial legs? What do we need doctors for: we enter the church on crutches, crippled. Throw crutches away. That's it. Leave without. HEALED. Easy, cheap. Saves the health insurance systems billions.

Is THIS the REALITY? Do You believe it is? I don't think so. You are not that stupid, are You?

:)   ALLE besoffen !  :)

:)   ALLE besoffen !  :)

And the story becomes even more crazy, more weird: weirdo-fools at their VERY BEST!

First they only tell us that everything - the creation, the universe, the earth, mankind - , everything does only exist thru god's miracles.

subtitle TWO - the LIE, the LEGEND: "ordinary persons performing "miracle-"healings

Next step - and this is really S I C K ! - is they tell us that ordinary human beings can do miracles too!

Not only ordinary popes. Ordinary nuns, "Mother" Teresa, for example, too. They do miracles. They heal. So the truth seems to be: "Mother" Teresa denies proper medical treatment in her hospices to the needy.

This is FACT!

The medical, hygeniecal, even the cleaning and food-standards, the standards of caregiving in her missionaries are so desasterous they are hard to describe.

Even if You are only halfwitted You will NEVER wish to be there, to be taken care of in one of these. Can I be wrong? Are You a civilized person who wishes to spend age in one of her hospices? Let me know! I might tell Your story HERE.

This is FACT!

She does NOTHING to help her patients. Her sayings are: "god blesses the poor. The suffering of the ill makes them noble." and so on. Proper medical treatment, therapy? ZERO!

This is FACT!

So she does NOTHING to help them. The 650 MILLION US$ donations are GONE.

This is FACT!

And then, 20 - T W E N T Y ! - years later, pope Francis steps forward to tell the moved public that all his "experts" could confirm a miracle healing so she must be made a saint. Halleluja!

Now what they want us to believe them is:

In her 600 places worldwide she does NOTHING to help. But then, in ONE case, she steps forward and does a miracle-healing. And the victim does NOT go to cnn to tell the world the wonderful story. You would do that, wouldn't You? I WOULD!!!

That silly woman Christiane Armanpour would sell her soul for THIS event!

- "Hey, cnn, I want the world to know that I had a cough and that "mother" Teresa did that miracle-healing on me!" - I would do that after all. But we don't know the victim. We never heard the story before.

NOBODY did that. ALL my relatives and friends would tell ALL news stations. Did anybody do that? Not really. NOTHING happened. And will You PLEASE remember we already had newspapers, radio, TV, internet 20 years ago?

Until 20 years later. Then poop papa pope pontifex Franciscuscrucifixenfaxenfexenclown shows up.

Look: I was 4 times dead, so I know BEST, BETTER than most. And I REMEMBER how I died. You do not forget that - IF You remember. Most don't. Hallucination. Fata Morgana. They say they do. But they don't. I DO.

If You are being reanimated with a defebrillator (this "BOOM!"-thing they showed in the 20th-century-movies: rubble - I hope they have more advanced stuff nowadays! - - rubble - rubble - rubble. - S H O C K ! You jump, and if they're lucky You live, and You're happy. If not - not. My guys were not that good (not enough rubblerubble?) at reanimating (does that correspond to "mating"?). Only the fifth time they were lucky. Or I was. You know right away when You get out of coma that You are not dead, still alive even though You shouldn't. (If I had to rely on some dog - god instead of some docs and their gadgets I would still be dead. Don't rely on god: put Your hope in Your docs! My advice!).

And I was not only 4 times dead in vain. I also lost my leg. Believe me, again: If there was only the slightest chance that I could get a miraculously healed leg from any pope, from any cheap dirty BITCH, in ANY church/cathedral/dome on EARTH in the history of the planet I would RUN for it! WITH cnn in my footstep. In my footstepS on my way out.

So they CANNOT tell me the bs, their frenzy: because !!! I !!! do NOT buy it. Because !!! I !!! do NOT believe. I check.

- I - K N O W !

This is FACT! And: This is sick!

U N B E L I E V A B L E. But this is what they want us to believe. And OF COURSE - ! You ! - believe them, don't You?

Until today nobody outside the Vatican/IOR ("Institute for the Works of Religion" (italian: Istituto per le Opere di Religione – IOR) vulgo: the "Vatican-Bank" Even the name IOR" is already a LIE!) knows (?) or tells (!) where the money is. One thing's for sure: the starving, the poor saw not one single dime (peso). More than 600 MILLION US-$ vanished, evaporized in the accounts of the Vatican!

If You google the IOR/Vatican-Bank - one of the biggest banks in the world! - You will quickly learn that this "Work for the Religion" in reality means money-laundering, for the italian Mafia, and for other purposes. You will find a chain of strange transactions and scandals ("black" invisible accounts, and so on) handled by this "Bank" in the last decades.

The European Union's commission of experts for the control of money-laundering and financing of terrorism (called MoneyVal) found 40 = F O R T Y relevant problems in the IOR in 2012 which they asked them to fix. Unbelievable? YES!!!! It is not reported until now that the Bank fixed only ONE.

I wrote this many weeks ago. Manilla Bulletin today, January 23, 2014:

Vatican/Vatican-Bank/IOR: business as usual!

Vatican-radio itself confesses and admits and speaks of ALL the bad news that the IOR went thru.

Freyberg in Vatican-Radio, source: (church)

Then there is that nasty little problem with the vatican's prelate Monsignor Nunzio Scarano: money-laundering of 25 Million euro in 2013. That means: They give a shit for the controls of MoneyVal in 2012 and carry on happily. I will later explain to You what happened. Of course the vatican denied IMMEDIATELY to be involved:

CNA 26.July 2013

The predecessor of the german Mr. Freyberg, the homosexual prelate Monsignore Battista Ricca, whom popeFuckFex Francis inaugurated to clean the IOR/Vatican-Bank only a few weeks earlier, was fired because he had given a job and a salary on the expense of the catholic church in Uruguay to his catamite. So the reports say he did NOT clean the Bank. What was being cleaned was his vatican-file. The cardinals who proposed him to pope Francis for the job as boss of the IOR had taken the evidence about his love-affair out of Ricca's file.

And NOW You will please google Banco Ambrosiano, Blackfriar's Bridge London, Nuzzi Gianluigi, Monsignore Renato Dardozzi, Paul Marcinkus (BOSS of the IOR 1971 - 1989, who was interrogated in 1973 by the special investigator of the United States, William Aronwald (!) and his buddy Bill Lynch, Chief of section "money laundering and organized crime" of the US Ministry of Justice. The subject was falsified bonds about 14,5 Million US-$ in the Vatican-bank, PLUS the request of further 980 Million US-$ MORE of these on paper of the Vatican-Bank. You will please google for Robert Calvi and "Ambrosiano Overseas" in Nassau/Bahamas, an offshore-bank controlled by it's boss: Bishop Paul Marcinkus, and for Mino Pecorelli, for Massimo Ciancimino, son of Palermo's Mayor Vito Ciancimino, who did money-laundering in the Vatican-Bank for "Toto" Salvatore Riina, Chief of the Mafia's Corleone-Family, called "the wild animal" or "shorty", for Bernardo Provenzano, Corleone-Family, called "Binnie the tractor", who attended a Cosa-Nostra-meeting in 1992 dressed as a bishop, found guilty in court of killing the government's Mafia-hunters Giovanni Falcone, and auch Paolo Borsellini, for Carmelo Abbate: You verify, You find the TRUTH Yourself. I will tell here later.

Carmelo Abbate in amazon

For those who are NOT blind, "The Guardian"

"Guardian" die Zweite

amazon, italienische Ausgabe

"The daily Beast"

Abbate in facebook

Abbate in Twitter

Weiter auch: A Manual for Creating Atheists Paperback by Peter Boghossian

22 March 2015:

Pope under fire - disgraced hypocrite anti-gay-cleric quits

You want more? The more You google for Vatican/IOR - crimes, the more You will find, and it NEVER ends!

Yasser Arafat's "PLO"

Ok,so far. But now let's put a flashlight on sth else. As I told You above the german churches make 11.000 MILLION euro a year in taxes only. PLUS all the other money they get.

From 95 Million Filipinos 14.2 Million are hungry: Every day. Not much food on the table. Then there are 1,88 Million Filipinos that are VERY hungry. Every day. Hardly food on the tarmac, in the street. They have no table.

Now You think: What, if the german churches would take only a very very little part of the 11.000 Million they get in taxes per year, buy rice, and send it to the starving in the Philippines? Let's say : 50 Million euro = 68,5 Million US-$. 50 is less than 0,5 % of 11.000 MILLION euro. Would not really make them less rich if they did that, right? If You substract 5 Million US-$ for transport by ship You have 63,5 Million US-$ left to buy rice. A ton of rice is 600 US-$, world market price. Maybe You get it A LOT cheaper since You buy so much. So You could send 63,5 Million US-$ divided by 600 US-$ tons of rice to the starving. Makes 105.833 tons of rice. For the poorest, hungriest needy families, children, the aged who live under a plastic sheet, in the streets, in the rain, in the Phils. That are 211.666.000 = 211 Million 666 thousand pounds of rice. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

The german churches could do that. But they don't. For two years that I am living here now not even ONE ship was reported that brought rice donated from the german churches to the poorest in the Philippines. Nor did the media / TV-stations show ONLY ONE picture of priests standing at their church'es doors and give rice to the poor. Not only ONE pund of rice.

Another question: There's TONS of journalists in the Philippines. Not ONE is asking the Philippine bishops/the catholic church how much money they send each year to the pope in Rome, to the vatican, to the IOR, the vatican bank!

So the naked body, sex is sin?

This is what the religions are telling us. Now it is YOUR choice:

You may think:

a) Oh, that's ok. - or :

b) This is the philosophy of sick, crazy, senile old men! Even if there should be sth like "god": He let us be born naked, we were made naked. And we do NOT believe that "god" - or nature! - gave us the wonderful gift of our natural sexuality - as natural as breathing, hunger, and thirst so that stupid sick weird old men tell us it is dirty, it is sin? Certainly NOT! And I assure You we are RIGHT!

So: Sex is ok for the liers and the gays in the Vatican, for those priests who have sex with the nuns, and their housemaids, despite their holy oath of celibacy? It is ok to show naked women in the Sistine Chapel, the Basilika in Rome, in the Vatican? But not for us? Or in the internet? I'll show You morons what is clean, natural, and good!

For world-peace!

So we descend from incest? From Adam and Eve? "god" gave us the dick and the mumu, plus the fun, and made it a sin then so we are not allowed to enjoy it? He wanted Adam and Eve to be alone, in paradise for all eternity, just the two? And without sex? He gave them everything they needed to have kids, and then told them not to have them? Because he did not wed them? Who else could have wedded them? And now the catholic church is telling You to have as many as possible? Be fertile and reproduce? That's the way it is?

This page is about HONESTY: In the name of


:)   T R U T H   :) - beats EVERY lie!

Believe it, folks, or do not: THIS is evolution, and for 170 years, since 1859, to be more precise, PROVEN TRUTH beyond ANY reasonable doubt! Who doubts it is at least 170 years behind mankind in knowledge and thinking. This SITE is about TRUTH, only. If they did not teach that in Your school, they lied and betrayed You. If they said to You: "Yes, we know this is proven, but we can explain this. We stick to our traditional beliefs." they were fair. But if they told You "The earth was created in 7 days." or "God created Adam and Eve" without teaching You the REAL and TRUE story they lied and manipulated You. Adam or Eve NEVER existed. Paradise is a lie, too: no apple, no snake: ridiculous nonsense.

Life developed, mankind evolved! We can view ALL the steps, and DNA-analysis gave us a tremendous amount of additional knowledge and 100%-safe EVIDENCE.

Since 1859 we have the PROOF and the EVIDENCE, VERIFIED AND CONFIRMED EVERY day

by several, INDEPENDENT disciplines of MODERN SCIENCE, that the story of "Adam & Eve" is an invention, a fairy-tale, NOT the TRUTH!!!!!

THIS is in memory and deep respect of Charles Darwin, whose early findings about the "Origin of Species", published in 1859, were confirmed and proven again and again by every following generation of scientists with the most advanced knowledge and instruments, were they archeologists, biologists, medicals, physicians, dna-analysts, or else. Many tried, but since 1859 not only ONE respectable man in the world came up and said: "Darwin is wrong, and HERE is what I found!" And if You feel You hate me because I tell You the TRUTH, try to consider whether those who tell You the TRUTH are worth Your hatred, or better those who lie and betray You, take Your money and give You orders? And then they tell You they need more of Your money. ALL the time.

Quote 2: "The earth is a disc, and 3500 years a.c.n. old." (NOT my words, QUOTE!) And: MANY more lies! Fight the liers! Do NOT let them fool You!

Quote 3: The earth is NOT the center of the universe, it is not even the center of our galaxy - and, by the way, we are LUCKY it is not, since we would be all dead, then, in the center! - the sun does NOT circle the earth.

The earth was NOT created 5000 years ago, and NOT in 7 days. Bloody, foolish, stupid NONSENSE! The earth started to be 4.5 BILLION years ago, and since then EVERY second was a moment of change, until the earth became what it is now! The earth was changing, is changing, and will be changing until it will be eaten by the sun! (And NOW please do think about the donkeys, the flash-brains who want to stop "climate change" by making us hate cars!!!) There NEVER were Adam & Eve, or paradise, or apple, or snake: silly fairy-tale! The catholic church is still teaching today that the menstruation and the pain associated with it is the consequence of the bite of the paradise apple (= have sex)! This is SILLY!!! N O N S E N S E ! And, since in this story You need BOTH to have sex: WHY is the modern woman being punished with the pain, and the man does NOT have menstruation? As EVERYTHING else in the religions/bibles/quran it does NOT make any sense at all! - There are hints that there was already life 3.8 Billion years ago, but most scientists would agree that there is proof of life 2 Billion years ago. They also agree that the step from animal to human was made about 200.000 years ago.

By NATURE, without any other influence than the laws of nature - and we know and understand these!

You see the pic of our Galaxy above. Light travels from moon to earth in about 1 second. It travels in 8 minutes and 19 seconds from sun to earth. Light takes 80.000 years to travel thru our galaxy. Now You know how big our galaxy is.

But the foolish stuff is what the churches were teaching, for hundreds of years, and are teaching still today!

A wise, good god with unlimited knowledge could have told the guys who wrote the bible, the quran: "oh, the evolution worked this way, and the earth and the universe work that way." He did NOT! Instead we have books FULL of foolish, crazy, wrong stories, full of "miracles" - and lies!

So one thing is WITHOUT only the slightest doubt for ABSOLUTELY sure: The guys in the churches and mosks have NO idea of the universe, nature, creation. The are teaching the knowledge mankind had more then 2000 years ago. Anything more primitive, more stupid possible?

This is the limited "knowledge" of big-mouthed fools, standard 2000 years ago, and their level of "intelligence": Forget it!

Simple FACT is: NOBODY of the guys who wrote the bible or such (as told by "god") had only the slightest idea how things (universe, galaxies, sun, earth, moon, animals, humans) came into being, how they exist!

And by FAR to many of those teaching us about the meaning of life, telling us what we have to believe about everything do not have only the faintest idea about the knowledge of mankind still today! It is UNBELIEVABLE, but these people do know NOTHING!

Oh, by the way: please do NOT kill homosexuals, as the bible tells You in Leveticus 20!

Whom else shallst Thou kill? Disobedient teenagers! Disobedient teenagers? Disobedient teenagers!!! (Deuteronomy 21,18 - Moses).

Whom else shallst Thou kill? Girls who are not virgins when they marry! (Deuteronomy 22,13). - You don't marry You can stay alive! YOUR choice!

Whom else shallst Thou kill? Those who work on sunday (sabbath!)! This should send half of world population to their ancestors! For me, it's ok: I NEVER worked on sundays! (Exodus 35,2 - Moses).

But the fun for the REAL christ only starts, when there's stoning before the killing, as warmly recommended and requested in book Moses Deuteronomy 20 ff

see: Monty Python: "The Life of Brian"

The bible - The TRUTH! Die "bibel" - Die WAHRHEIT! (English, und in DEUTSCH!)

SIR Charles Darwin: THE TRUTH!

And a guy named Stephen Hawking and his fellows found out about the .... hmmmm... rest! Deep respect, again, and: Thank You for Your GREAT work, and: the TRUTH!

Stephen Hawking in wikipedia: THE TRUTH!

SIR Stephen Hawking on his very own: THE TRUTH!

SIR Stephen Hawking's "Brief History of Time"

Hawking: "The universe is governed by a set of rational laws that we can discover and understand." Trust him. His words are the TRUTH!

Sie finden die Dokumente in DEUTSCH zu SIR Charles Darwin / SIR Stephen Hawking leicht in wikipedia, youtube und in google!

doktus: Eine kurze Geschichte der Zeit, Stephen Hawking, deutsch

Nikolaus Kopernikus, Heliocentrisches Modell 1509

Galileo Galilei

was sentenced to lifelong incarceration by the church, and he was lucky that they did not put hom thru the hell of the inquistion tortures - for telling the T R U T H!

Please do NOT forget to google him Yourself: You will find videos, movies, EVERYTHING. Google inquisition, tortures! The internet is FULL of stories, pictures and videos. The pope, the cardinals, the bishops: THEY ARE THE DEVIL. And they tell You the devil comes with a hoof and horns? How bloody silly ist that??? He comes in the disguise of the holy. - Scientists like Galileo are one-of-a-kind-men, men humanity produces every one hundred years, they tell us the secrets of the earth, the universe, BIG BANG, Black Holes, Dark Matter, creation of the earth (sic!). Stephen Hawking! LOOK FOR HIS VIDEOS!!!! He shows You the miracles of the universe, others portray the miracle of his life!

SIR Stephen Hawking, his predecessors,

Nicolaus Copernicus

Galileo Galilei

SIR Stephen Hawking

wikipedia: Hawking's "Brief History of Time"

wikipedia: Hawking's "A Brief History of Time"

A Manual for Creating Atheists Paperback by Peter Boghossian

and his fellow scientists gave and give us PROOF that the earth is NOT a disc, it was NOT created 5500 years ago, it was NOT created in 7 days, it is NOT the center of the universe, it is NOT even the center of our galaxy, the sun does NOT circle the earth. The earth is on an outer spiral arm of our galaxy, the "Milky Way", and we are lucky to be there, because we are not being eaten by the black hole in the center of our galaxy. Understand that, or not!

Copernicus gave us his findings, his "heliocentric model" "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium" (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres) in 1509!

This remarkable documentation/biography was produced in 1991, when he was still believing in god. A few years ago he revised his positions, pretty late. We have to realise, that his extraordinary brain was strictly focused on understanding the universe. His problem, as it is the problem of most of us, was strict relgious education in his childhood, which he had to overcome (not an easy thing to do). Sooner or later. He did that.

Outlook: I will unmask here the religions that lie to You. I will unmask the governments that fool You and beslave You, instead of letting You be what Your FIRST natural human right is: a FREE citizen! FREEDOM of thinking, FREEDOM of learning, FREEDOM of teaching, FREEDOM of speech, FREEDOM of travelling EVERYWHERE, FREEDOM of the internet. YOUR weapon is knowledge, THIS is Your POWER. T R U TH is Your POWER.

I can only try to provide it to You: Your choice to adopt this knowledge, or not. But KNOWLEDGE IT IS - the BEST knowledge of mankind!!!!!!

TRUTH must prevail, the cavemen who shot Malala Yousafzai, a little 14-year-old girl who was sentenced to death by the bloodlords in the mosks because she wanted to go to school may NEVER win! The primitive Taliban cowards, followers and friends of Osama Bin Laden shot the child in the head from behind. When Bin Laden killed, he NEVER cared for children, women, innocent peaceful citizens, muslims or not. He talked islam, but his computers were FULL of pornography. And of course all these primitive people whose only language is blood want to make us believe their LIES that their matter is just - whenever they kill innocent children FOR NOTHING! Same what our churches did, 500 years ahead: crusades, install inquisition, kill heretics, scientists, critics, "witches", people "obsessed by the devil". Militant islam, jihad is only 1000 years behind the development of civilization - at least.

Malala Yousafzai's 16.birthday in the United Nations

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